INTERVIEW: EBRD puts up $1bn to help Kazakhstan diversify

INTERVIEW: EBRD puts up $1bn to help Kazakhstan diversifyThere is a window of opportunity to diversify Kazakhstan’s economy as the crisis ebbs and before commodity prices shoot up again, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s country director for Kazakhstan tells bne, and the EBRD plans to invest up to $1bn to support the government’s development plans.

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Cash Master Ablyazov’s Beautiful Laundrette/II

Cash Master Ablyazov’s Beautiful Laundrette/IIIt is like Doctor Faustus’ pact with Mephistopholes: immediate benefit to be paid for in treacherous longer-term loss. But should the pact, preliminarily agreed upon between the current state-controlled board of BTA Bank, materialise, those who created the current mess will still be in charge of the process getting out of it.

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Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Highlight Kazakhstan’s Uranium Potential

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Highlight Kazakhstan's Uranium PotentialOne bonus of the global recession is that it wiped a lot of incompetent hedge fund managers and energy speculators from the canyons of Wall Street. As the Gordon Gecko sycophants regroup and look for the next Big Thing, maximizing profit while minimizing risk, the landscape looks very different than it did a year ago.

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