About us

The goal of our project is to provide information about Kazakhstan. We intend to provide such information in the first place to those who do not speak Russian or Kazakh, but whose work has a connection to our country – such as people interested in the business conditions in Kazakhstan, in the consular rules, in the investment opportunities, as well as to those foreigners who live in Kazakhstan and would like to get regular updates on the current affairs in politics, economy, and cultural life of the country.

Here on this site we will publish news and expert comments of events, surveys data and commodities prices dynamics, modifications in the Kazakh legislation and explanations of legal counsels.

We aspire to become a communicational platform for those who would like to share their experience of life in Kazakhstan, their impressions of life and vacationing in Almaty, Astana, or Atyrau, and of the Borat-style cultural learnings of Kazakhstan.

We will publish your articles and advice, interviews with interesting people, a cultural guide, reviews of restaurants, and culinary recipes.

We hope that together we will be able to make our site an interesting and useful one, «for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan» and all of us.

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