Kazakhstan to implement European building codes by 2015

September 09. Central Asia Newswire

Kazakhstan to implement European building codes by 2015Kazakhstan will adopt European building code regulations over the next five years in an effort to strengthen their building infrastructure and protect structures from collapsing during natural disasters, Kazakh newspaper Gazeta reported on Thursday.

“We set ourselves a task” to entirely adapt Kazakhstan’s building codes to the Eurocode, Gazeta reported Chairman of the Agency for Construction and Housing (ADSIZHKH) Serik Knockin as saying during a meeting with a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) pricing committee.

Kazakh officials have spent the past two years fully analyzing the Eurocode, developed by the Commission of the European Union in the 1970s, to learn all the technical regulations that the code requires buildings to meet.

The code also spells out construction standards for structural engineering of reinforced concrete, aluminum, wood and steel. It also provides details on how to earthquake-proof buildings and structures.

Earthquakes are a major concern in Central Asia. A 7.0 quake was recorded on Thursday on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, and the capacity of buildings to withstand quakes is an important regional consideration.

On September 2, Kazakhstan announced it would modernize its building codes, Kazakh news service Kazinform reported. Representative Salauat Dembay said there would be approximately 20 new standards every year to improve housing and public utilities.

Kazakhstan will begin applying the codes in 2011.