Good Intentions

A politician reminds me of the man who killed his mother and father, and then, when he is convicted, begs to pardon him because he is an orphan.

(Abraham Lincoln)

Good IntentionsIt is of common knowledge that the morals and the politics are one of the most ancient regulators of social life. The paradoxical thing is that the very essence of politics is hardly in line with such notions as morals and ethics. Politics means power and fight for power, where, as is well known, all means are good, including those that degrade the personality of man per se. Morality is, on the contrary, trying to cultivate and develop this personality. Hence the contradiction and the oxymoron of life nowadays. According to a famous political scientist of our days, moral principles do not allow one living in observance of the law. The morals become a plain servant of the politics that cover up its unsightly features. All the leaders of the world, liberals and conservatives, Christian democrats and Islamists, nationalists and centrists, use the same tools in order to achieve or retain power, to manage and to ensure national/ electoral support. Their “morals” may be manifested only in the degree of use of some tools or others – some settle with brainwashing by means of TV, and some need rubber bats to baton away marchers. But there is nothing we can do, as the very history of human civilization clearly shows that we do not have a wealth of options. The politics are dirty and vile. As Harry Truman put it, “in my childhood i wanted to play piano in a brothel or to become a politician. To tell you the truth, there is no big difference”.

But it is much worse when the political wars and conflicts are waged not for land or natural riches, but rather to protect some artificial and original “moral values” upgraded to the rank of idee fixe. The crusades, the Saint Bartholomew night, the Nazi occupation in Europe, the operations “brilliantly carried out” by the world community to democratize Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Iraq… Of course, this is a slightly simplified approach, but politics is a topic on which there is a lot to say, and angrily at that, and in the end to lose track of the initial theme of the discussion. And there is a lot to discuss. Let us start, maybe, with the activity of the international humanitarian organizations. Despite their accentuated global nature and the interracial and international staff structure, their activity is based on two things: the modern Western mind frame, based on the priority of personal rights and on the need to protect the personality, from the one hand, and from the other hand – a permanent search for and definition of “powers of good” and “powers of evil”, imposed by cultural cliches. All this is seasoned abundantly with a very fashionable term not quite welcome in the East – “political correctness”. At the end of the day, it comes down to a weird ideological mixture dominating everywhere.

It is shown in the most characteristic way in the protection of the “minorities” rights, from the oppressed opposition to the gay community. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to protect those who fight against dictatorship, totalitarianism, discrimination, and who is best for the job if not the global community? But it is necessary, at least from time to time, to try to understand what kind of values are defended by these human right defenders and minority representatives, and what tooling they use – what if it is actions of civil disturbance, publicism, meetings or terrorist acts, murders and abductions? The hilarious thing is that many politicians, public officers, experts, journalists, diplomats, even the people in the street understand that, but the public opinion mainstream, the “ideals” of humanism and liberalism are nevertheless taking their toll…

Quite recently, a scandal erupted in Kazakhstan in relation with the conflict between the State Immigration Service and the law enforcement authorities from one part, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from the other part. The Kazakhstani police arresting a number of refugees has immediately whipped up a mass hysteria among various human right defending organizations that required the immediate transfer of the refugees to Europe and America. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with the “internationals” wishing to save people from “dictatorship”. It would be interesting to see the attitude of these refugees towards the governments that saved them, as wearing hijabs in public is prohibited in France and as the Danish caricaturists are supported on an all-European level after a quite unflattering displaying of the prophet Mohammed…

From the other hand, Kazakhstan is somewhat less than willing to acquire the status of a transit base for the export of international terrorism to Europe, moreover, after another recent scandal related to the corrupted Kazakhstani officers who transmitted governmental documents to the Chechen terrorists who decided to get some “R&R” in Kazakhstan after warring with the Russian federal troops. Moreover, the toughening of the legislation and the refugee status regulation rights are from now one governed by the State authorities. And it is today, right now, when the problem of, I would say, blatant liberalism and its consequences, is truly showing out…

July 8, 2010. Oslo. The local police arrested three members of the Al Qaeda international terrorist organization under the suspicion of preparation of large-scale terrorist acts in the territory of Norway and a number of European countries. According to the declaration of the Norwegian General Prosecutor, this group of extremists was involved in the explosions in London and in the preparation of terrorist acts in Germany. According to the experts, there is a connection between the “Norwegian group” and the attempt to a terrorist act in the US last September.

There are no “natives” in the arrested group; they are all immigrants, former citizens of China, Uzbekistan, and Iraq, the last two having residence permits and permanent work permits in Norway. Now, here come the most interesting facts. According to the declarations of the Minister for Justice and of the Prime Minister of Norway, all the arrestees had UN mandates as political activists, but for all that were preparing the “second 9/11” in this European country!

The general indignation is quite understandable about the fact that the international terrorists obtained residence, refugee status, welfare benefits in Norway, at the expense of the taxpayers, and at some point decided to attack their “benefactors”, but what could the Norwegian authorities say in response? After all, the terrorists were residing in the country based on the documents of such a globally respectable UNO organization as the UNHCR. But even more interesting fact is the places from where they came to Oslo.

One of them came to Norway in 2002 under a UNO refugee program from no other place than Kazakhstan to where he retreated from Uzbekistan “for political and religious motives”, and obtained a refugee mandate in the local UNHCR office. That was not all. Another former China citizen arrested in Norway is called Rashidin Mukhammad (Michael David, according to his new Norwegian documents). It was he who directed the uncovered terrorist group. In 1999 Rashidin Mukhammad, disguised as refugee, emerges again in no other place than Kazakhstan again, and did not waste much time to declare that he is persecuted in his home country, under the standard pretext of political and religious motives. Now isn’t that impressive?!

The declarations of Rashidin Mukhamman were quite willingly accepted in the regional UNHCR representation in Kazakhstan, not at all troubled by the fact that the reason of his being in the most wanted lists was his allegiance to the East Turkistan Islamic Party. The ETIP is quite a well-known organization, and its main purpose is the creation, by means of warfare, of the Islamic Caliphate of East Turkistan in Xinjian and in the neighboring Turk speaking states, including Kazakhstan, by the way. At that, at the time when Rashidin Mukhammad was offered refugee status, it was already known that he passed fight training in Afghanistan. However, without pausing to think, the UN officers gave him the status he asked for, and sent him urgently to Norway.

As he tried to cajole the UN officers into recognizing him as a refugee, he probably told them that his freedom and health are endangered. Must say, he was telling the truth back then, because when a criminal is being arrested, as a rule, their freedom and health are indeed jeopardized…

Let us recall a relatively recent story. On September 28, 2000, in Almaty, not far from the presidential residence, the Ministry of Interns special task force tried to arrest a group of terrorists who barricaded themselves in a residential building in Furmanova street, and resisted vehemently to arrest. All the bandits were exterminated. The confiscated arsenal was impressive – machine guns, grenade launchers, and significant stocks of ammunition. The liquidated terrorists were China nationals, emissaries of the East Turkistan Islamic Party international terrorist organization, and came to Kazakhstan from Afghanistan. The armed group occupied itself with robberies and extortions from Chinese businessmen in order to fund their activity, and killed two Kazakhstani policemen who tried to arrest them after their next crime. They received instructions from the then-leader of ETIP, Khassan Maksum, from Afghanistan. The latter was also the one to receive the money collected by robbery, brigandage, and racketeering in Kazakhstan…

In 1998, Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan, citizen of China, emerged in Kazakhstan together with Rashidin Mukhammad. This couple, as well as Aziz Tursuntai, Azimchan Yuldosh, and Abdulla Nurpolat, China and Australia citizens, were tightly related to Zhalaladin Eynidin, the leader of the terrorist gang liquidated in Almaty. Moreover, Abdusattar Mukhamedzjan reported directly to the fighters in Afghanistan.

The persona of Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan is quite interesting. As early as in 1998 he was arrested in Almaty together with the driver of the car in which a large batch of machine guns and pistols wrapped up in skins and wool was being transported to China. Back then, only the driver got behind bars, whereas Abdusattar somehow managed to wiggle his way out. He spent 30 days in the reception center as a foreign citizen not holding documents on him, then was released and some time later showed up at the UNHCR office. There he started an angry and passionate lament about the “oppressions by the Kazakhstan authorities”, and quickly got himself refugee status obtaining thereby some sort of immunity against police that was trying all that time to figure out what was his connection to the confiscated batch of weapons.

Any attempts of the policemen to invite him at least for a dialogue bumped into menacing notes from the UNHCR, which blamed the law enforcement authorities of refugee right violation. After that, the police left the “refugee” alone.

But at that time precisely, four Chinese nationals were killed who came to Almaty from Afghanistan to search for the stolen $2 million that were collected from the ETIP needs. At the end of the day, that was internal problem solving among the bandits… The police deducted who the suspects were, and one of them was Ablimit Tursun, a China citizen residing in Almaty, a good friend and a close ally of Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan and Rashidin Mukhammad.

Criminal proceedings were instituted against Ablimit Tursun, and he was put on the most wanted list, but the criminal, following a working scheme, applied for refugee status to UNHCR and almost immediately departed to Europe.

When the UNHCR offered Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan, in a couple of months after status granting, to move to one of three countries at his choice – Norway, Sweden or Canada, he refused and expressed his wish to stay in Kazakhstan. Where did that sudden love for his new home country come from? The answer to that question came out later. Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan, at the instruction of his Afghani leaders, was supposed to stay in Kazakhstan in order to coordinate the “work” of Zhalaladin Eynidin’s thug group. After its liquidation in 2000, he started, at the direct instruction of his leader Khassan Maksum in Afghanistan, preparing the vengeance against the Almaty policemen. Only after avenging the deaths of Eynidin’s people, he was supposed to hide all the traces and, by using the UNHCR services, depart to another country. In particular, he, together with Aziz Tursuntai, Azimzhan Yuldosh and Abdulla Nurpolat, prepared an armed attack on the building of the General Directorate of Interns in Almaty. But the authorities managed to neutralize the bandits in due time, except for Azimzhan Yuldosh. on October 19, 2001, Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan was sentenced by the Almalinsky District Court of the city of Almaty to 15 years of prison, and is now serving his sentence in one of the Kazakhstani correctional institutions.

And here the regional office of UNHCR in Kazakhstan enters the limelight again. As it is known now, in November 2003 the UNHCR sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan to inform that in May 1999 Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan was assigned mandated refugee status.

An interesting fact is that in October 2000 Abdusattar, his lawyer, and UNHCR did not claim any status at all. The more outrageous is the petition of the UNHCR about Abdusattar after three years from his arrest. The right defenders were not thwarted even by the fact that the bandit was preparing a terrorist act against the law enforcement authority under the cover of their protection.

A quite logical response of the Kazakhstani MFA was the request to UNHCR regarding the provision of materials serving as basis for the refugee status assignment to Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan. The UNHCR kept quiet. The diplomats did not insist on a reply for some mysterious reasons. But then, the Chinese authorities got involved, by raising the question of the downright abuse of the UNHCR and, in fact, of their pandering to the terrorists, at one of the UN Security Council meetings.

After this scandal, the director of the UNHCR regional representation in Kazakhstan was urgently transferred to another country. However, the surprising and revolting thing is that Abdusattar Mukhamedzhanov was never deprived of his refugee status and still holds a mandate, which fact was unearthed this year after the re-registration of the refugee mandates issued by the UNHCR, with the Kazakhstan Committee for Immigration.

Amazing! Were they really planning to send him to Europe as his sentence was served? It is in general surprising to see the perseverance and permanency with which the UNHCR issues refugee mandates specifically to persons related to terrorists. And not just the UNO, but other international and diplomatic organizations care about them. The accomplice of Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan, Abdulla Nurpolat, who was sentenced in Kazakhstan, also got involved in that sphere of interests. The Australian diplomats for several years literally have assaulted our correctional system with request to extradite Abdulla Nurpolat to Australia, as he was a citizen of that country. They did not worry about the fact that the man was convicted for preparing a terrorist act against the Kazakhstan citizens.

As for the story of the Zhalaladin Eynidin’s terrorist group, it is bound to remind of itself many times over. Quite recently, it became known that Azimzhan Yuldosh, a citizen of China well known to the Kazakhstani police, and his wife, were arrested in the Afghani-Pakistani border area controlled by the Taliban. Yuldosh, a permanent resident of Norway, was accused of terrorist act preparation. Moreover, he is still wanted by the Interpol for the preparation of attack on the General Directorate of Interns of Almaty, together with Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan and others, but back then he managed to escape outside Kazakhstan.

The Pakistani authorities have extradited Azimzhan Yuldosh to China. As for his wife, a citizen of Norway, she and their children were deported back to Norway. Nobody asked themselves who was that “European woman” who appeared in the warfare area in the very center of the global terrorist movement. It turned out that Tursun Nazgum Mamet was none other but the former Muslim wife of Zhalaladin Eynidin who died in Almaty. Back in 2000, she was the only one who survived after the shooting. Tursun Nazgum Mamet was arrested by the police for aiding the terrorist, but was soon released for considerations of humanity, as she was in her last month of pregnancy. In 2001, Nazgum departed to Norway by means of UNHCR channels, and, as it turned out, obtained Norwegian nationality. Obviously, she got married again in Norway, and with her new husband went to spend her “honeymoon” at the Pakistani-Afghani border…

Now there are about forty China citizens residing in Kazakhstan who applied to UNHCR for refugee status. Some of them already have families and children born in Kazakhstan. They await relocation to a third country for years. But the urgent, expedite status assignment and departure for abroad are usually offered only to people accused of terrorist activity. And the peculiar thing is that the more convincing the charges and the more obvious the criminal activity, the fastest the procedure of refugee status assignment to the criminals.

Can we be sure that these holders of hurriedly issued mandates would not follow in the wake of “abudusattar mukhamedzhans”, and would not have to be taken by assault in barricaded buildings in Almaty, or that some of such refugees, taking a leaf out Rashidin Mukhammad’s book, would not prepare terrorist acts after moving to Europe?

Turns out, there are such people indeed! From September 2009, another Chinese national, Arshidin Israil, has been residing in Almaty, and received a refugee mandate from the UNHCR regional representation. Hard to believe, but he is acquainted to Rashidin Mukhammad, and is on the wanted list in China for participation at terrorist act preparation in 2009. According to the information available, Arshidin was providing the terrorists with components for hand made explosive devices, and when the entire group was arrested, he managed to escape and cross illegally the Kazakhstani border under highly odd circumstances. For all that, he was already sentenced earlier for 6 years of prison for participation at the terrorist act of July 14, 1997, in the Hochen district in Xinjian. Back then, in the explosion people were injured and several buildings were destroyed.

But on March 12, 2010, the UNHCR issues Israil a refugee mandate. And it did it regardless of the fact that on March 10 he was put on the international most wanted list of the Interpol, and did it in violation of the Kazakhstan legislation, without informing thereon the Committee for Immigration. Again, the hurriedness of this decision cannot but attract attention. It was already mentioned that most refugees have to wait for years their relocation to Europe. But it is obviously not the case of Israil. By late March he was already assigned to Sweden as country of residence, received a temporary passport, and more than that, was given airplane tickets.

As this article was getting done, we managed to talk to some people who contacted Israil after his arrival to Kazakhstan. When he turned up, many tried to help him, considering him to be a victim of political repressions. But the mask of “dissident” had quickly fallen off him. The volunteering benefactors were unpleasantly surprised by the hatred with which he blamed the Kazakhstani people who did not support the armed fight in order to achieve the ends established by the ETIP.

One of the UNHCR employees in Almaty, in a conversation not designed for publication, shared some details of this story. The representation has long understood that Israil was not a refugee but a very fishy guy from all points of view, and would gladly strip him off his refugee status, but such decision is vetoed by the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, which, for its turn, is influenced by some really strong pressure exercised by unknown lobbyists who were very concerned with Israil’s fate. Another UNHCR employee told that Israil was indeed a criminal, there could be no doubt about that, but let’s send him to Sweden anyway. One cannot help but wonder why Sweden would need him at all? So as to let him go all the way following the lead of Rashidin Mukhammad? For all that, on June 23 Israil was detained and subjected to extradition arrest based on court sanction. But what will happen next?

A quite legitimate question arises: all in all, what is going on? From the one hand, there is a totally clear situation when there are spies and lobbyists working under the roofs of international organizations, when loud declarations and blames from the side of the “public” represent noting else but veiled or exposed forms of political pressure or protection of the superpowers’ economic interests. It was and it will always be like this. But when an authoritative international organization is supporting, literally in the open, international terrorist organizations by saving fighters, killers and extremists from justice by providing them with new documents and giving them new residence in Western Europe where they start preparing terrorist acts against the locals – is there a name for that?!

Or, on the other hand, the murdering of civilians, especially Chinese, Kazakhs, Russians, and Uzbeks – is it equivalent to political activity under the UNO “standards”, and a form of “human right defense work”?!

Echoing the words of a famous historic statesman, let us ask, what is that – stupidity or treason?

The secular historic experience tells us that anyone can learn from the politicians of the past’s mistake, except of the politicians of the present, especially in such primordial issue as the support of rebels/ revolutionaries/ terrorists acting against “the most probable adversary”. After all, in nine cases of the ten the weapons are sooner or later turned against the former friends and rainmakers…

Presently, the issue of our own people’s safety and of the territorial integrity of the State is quite urgent, and our authorities must act resolutely and firmly. But they seem to fail to notice that under its nose a base is being created, literally in the open, for the terrorists who escaped from the neighboring countries, for extremists and for other vermin that will announce their presence, tomorrow if not today, and will continue the doings of Rashidin Mukhammad, Abdusattar Mukhamedzhan, and Azimshan Yuldosh. The UNHCR, the human rights defenders, the journalists, the public personae protect the rights of criminal refugees referring to “humanitarian values” and “international law”. And who will protect our rights and ourselves from those “refugees”?