Kazakhstan to open more gateways on border with Kyrgyzstan

Aug. 17. Xinhua. ALMATY

Kazakhstan to open more gateways on border with KyrgyzstanKazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Masimov said at a government meeting on Monday that the country plans to open more gateways on its border with Kyrgyzstan, local media reported on Tuesday.

The government meeting on Monday mainly discussed the issue of providing humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan. During the meeting, Masimov urged Kazakhstan’s Border Control Department and Customs Department to study the possible locations of the additional gateways to be opened.

He stressed that the additional gateways must be placed in the areas which can be controlled by the Kyrgyz side.

According to Kazakhstan’s First Deputy Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeev, relevant authorities of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have made consultations on the issue of increasing border gateways, and the specific arrangements will be announced soon.

Kazakhstan closed its border with Kyrgyzstan after large-scale riots erupted on April 7 in the neighboring country. It reopened the border on May 20.