2011 to be difficult for world economy: Head of Government

2011 to be difficult for world economy: Head of GovernmentJuly 27. KAZINFORM. ASTANA

Kanat Kulshmanov

“Coming 2011 will be difficult for the world economy, in this regard Kazakhstan must verify its every act”, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov has said today at the briefing.

“The Governments of the EU states and USA decided to abandon stimulus measures due to the budget deficit. As long as many countries including the EU members see threats in the instability of the financial and budgetary spheres. This means that the external demand will reduce in 2011”, K.Massimov said.

In this regard the Head of the Government noted that Kazakhstan should conduct a wise macroeconomic policy verifying every action as long as 2011 would be difficult for the world economy.


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Oil export duties to depend on energy prices: K.Massimov


Kanat Kulshmanov

Export duties for oil and oil products will depend on energy prices. Kazakh Premier Karim Massimov has made it public at the briefing today.

The Kazakh Government adopted a decree on introduction of export duties for oil and oil products on July 13, 2010. In accordance with the decree the export duties for light oils are up to USD 99.71per ton, for black oil – USD 66.47 per ton, for crude oil – USD 20.


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Kazakh Government sets prior goals for SamrukKazyna – K. Massimov


Murat Zhakeev

SamrukKazyna National Welfare Fund helped in overcoming the crisis period. Currently it has another goal set. Kazakh Premier said at the briefing of the Kazakh Government.

‘National Welfare Fund SamrukKazyna was established to help overcome the crisis period as well as improve corporate governance in the country. In fact it had the goal of increasing the maximum benefit from the state property we have. It coincided with the global crisis hence it was mostly operating in anti-crisis direction. The goals that were set are reached. At the time of today it has new goals’, Karim Massimov said.

The Head of the Government added that we had to return to corporate governance, economic transparency, open policy and give people full awareness of the processes that were on in the state mechanism.