Kazakhstan: to decrease the forecast for grain production

July 21. AgriMarket

Kazakhstan: to decrease the forecast for grain productionThis year the total production of grains will reach 13.5-14.5 mln tonnes, reported the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akylbek Kurishbaev on July 20.

According to the Minister, the srocks of the last year grains total about 7 mln tones, up 3.4 mln tonnes or doubled, compared to the last year level.

The Minister stated that the current and future volumes of grain stocks in Kazakhstan may satisfy all the domestic needs of the Republic and exports.

Earlier, the Deputy-Minister of Agriculture, Arman Evniev forecasted grain harvest at the level of 14.5-15.5 mln tonnes, including about 6.5 mln tonnes for foreign markets.