One more ‘Golden Man’ found in Kazakhstan territory


Valentina Yelizarova

One more 'Golden Man' found in Kazakhstan territoryThe find that was recently discovered in Karaganda region during excavation of Taldy -2 burial ground is a sensation.

Expedition leader, Ph.D. in History, archeologist Arman Beisenov made it public at the press conference on Friday, July 16.

Saka warrior was found in the burial ground. He was called ‘golden man’. ‘More likely he was a lord and warrior. The body of the man was covered with gold. The very personality of such a leader was associated with the sun, so-called ‘sun lord’, the scientist said.

Mr. Beisenov said that the discovery was not the treasure it was scientific work for them. ‘We explore historical and cultural monuments’, the scientist emphasized.

According to him the monument dates to 4th – 5th centuries BC.

‘Sensational discovery was preceded by considerable research work’, the head of the expedition noted. ‘The burial ground was found half a century ago. ‘Excavations were started last year within ‘Cultural heritage’ regional program, A. Beisenov explained.

Funds on research works were allocated from the regional budget. The A. Kh. Margulan Archeological Institute won tender in the amount of KZT 2.9 mln, Rymbala Omarbekova, head of the Karaganda Regional Department of Culture said it at the press conference.