Strengthening of Kazakh-EU Interparliamentary coop discussed in Brussels


Dimash Syzdykov

Kazakh Senate deputy Gani Kassymov has visited Brussels at the invitation of a group of deputies of the European Parliament. The issues of strengthening Interparliamentary cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU were discussed in the course of the visit.

According to the Kazakh Senator, touching upon the issues of interaction between legislative bodies of Kazakhstan and the EU it is necessary to establish relationships not with each EU country separately, but to draw attention to the European Parliament which represents 27 EU states.

On his opinion, it will promote development of economic ties, industrial infrastructure of Kazakhstan, especially in the sphere of energy and ecology. “For this purpose achievement we should ensure elaboration and adoption of such model range of laws which will allow the EU small and medium business to work on small projects in Kazakhstan”, the Senator emphasized.

Moreover, G.Kassymov noted that at present the Kazakh Parliament is ready to reconsider the Partnership Agreement between Kazakhstan and the EU in order to bring the relations up to new level of cooperation.