Kazakhstan wishes stability to Kyrgyzstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev


Kazakhstan wishes stability to Kyrgyzstan - Nursultan NazarbayevHead of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev commented on the situation in Kyrgyzstan in an interview to Khabar Agency. The Kazakh President noted that our country stood for soonest stabilization in Kyrgyzstan and was ready to provide all-round assistance to the neighbor state.

“Kazakhstan wishes stability to Kyrgyzstan. Being the President of the country presiding in the OSCE I make every effort to provide humanitarian and other aid to the Kyrgyz Republic. Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have already helped Kyrgyzstan within the CSTO. I think Uzbekistan faces no less difficult situation presently. We should express gratitude to President Islam Karimov and Uzbekistan for their efforts. Nearly 100 thousand refugees have arrived in the country to date; all of them must be accommodated and provided with food, clothes and medical care. I can imagine how many problems Uzbekistan has to solve today. We – Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan – together help Kyrgyzstan. There is an opinion that Kyrgyzstan is a poor country which can not achieve success. I do not agree with this statement. Kyrgyzstan is rich in gold, iron, silver, copper and other resources. The country possesses huge potential for development of tourism. All of these sectors must be developed. Humanitarian aid cannot help raise any country. The first question is whether the country is able to raise economy, provide its people with jobs. This is the only condition of the country’s stability. Therefore a special program of Kyrgyzstan’s economic revival must be developed and Kazakhstan is ready to help in its elaboration. I sincerely wish Kyrgyzstan to have its own strategy of revival and economic growth”, the President said.