Giving special status to First Kazakh President does not contradict international practice – Majilis Deputy K. Burkhanov

Giving special status to First Kazakh President does not contradict international practice - Majilis Deputy K. BurkhanovКамал Бурханов  ASTANA.June 17. KAZINFORM /Meiram Baigarin/ While discussing the amendments to the legislation on provision of activity of the First Kazakhstan President-Leader of the Nation in the Parliament, it was many times noted that Nursultan Nazarbayev had already gained this high status. In whole, adoption of these amendments was perceived by the community with satisfaction, although N. Nazarbayev had rejected the bill. Deputy of the Majilis Kamal Burkhanov believes that giving special status to the First Kazakh President does not contradict international practice.

“Speaking on international practice we should note that the founders of a state or leaders who made a great contribution to the country’s development were awarded a special status.  For instance, in China such status was conferred to the father of the Chinese reforms, Deng Xiaoping, the great reformer of the 20th century. Yes, they have quite a different system. When Deng Xiaoping resigned, the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, took a special decision “to consult on the most important issues of foreign and internal policy with Mr. Deng Xiaoping”. Nobody says that China is de-facto second economic empire of the world, the country with 5,000-year history of statehood.  So, we can see that the world has already witnessed such facts”, the Deputy said having stressed that China had a lot to learn from.

According to K. Burkhanov, the laws will ensure the further development of our state in accordance with the strategy defined by N. Nazarbayev. The President, founder of the Kazakh state, greatly contributed to raising the country’s weight on the international arena.

Mr. Burkhanov believes that the provisions on consulting the major issues of foreign and domestic policy with the First President of Kazakhstan guarantees immutability of the state’s course which gives additional confidence in future to all Kazakhstanis.

“Time will come when our presidents will change too. Today we are passing the stage of growth. We have overcome the hardest period of formation of statehood. Kyrgyzstan could not pass this period. Remember, how Russia perceived change of power. Probably, transferring the powers from Putin to Medvedev did not satisfy the active supporters of absolute democracy, however Russia is on the right way now. We also lay foundation for preservation of our course. We form a democratic state but not copy western countries. We move by our own, Kazakhstani way”, K. Burkhanov said.

The Deputy highlighted that Kazakhstan will need experience, political will and talent of N. Nazarbayev for many years to come.