Kazakhstan stocks nearly 9 mln tonnes of grains of the harvest-2009


Kazakhstan stocks nearly 9 mln tonnes of grains of the harvest-2009According to data of the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as of June 1, 2010, the carry-over stocks of grains and leguminous plants in the country totaled nearly 8.98 mln tonnes.

Grain reception centres and elevators stock 5.63 mln tonnes from the general volume of grain carry-over reserves, agricultural enterprises – 1.92 mln tonnes, farming enterprises, milling complexes and other enterprises stock 645.53 thsd tonnes and 775.27 thsd tonnes, respectively.

Wheat volumes form 8.01 mln tonnes from the reporting carry-over stocks, other grains and leguminous plants – 963.75 thsd tonnes. The country stocks 7.03 mln tonnes of wheat of milling varieties, 810.51 thsd tonnes of wheat for seed aims, and 176.9 thsd tonnes of feed wheat.

As of June 1, the carry-over stocks of barley in Kazakhstan totaled 779.16 thsd tonnes, including 208.22 thsd tonnes of barley for food aims, 109.9 thsd tonnes of seed barley, and 460.9 thsd tonnes of feed barley.

Other grains and leguminous plants reserves in the country formed the following structure: maize – 10.55 thsd tonnes, rice – 55.03 thsd tonnes, rye – 23.93 thsd tonnes, oats – 53.64 thsd tonnes, buckwheat – 11.35 thsd tonnes, millet – 5.11 thsd tonnes and etc.