Weekly Review. Kazakhstan to support investors fulfilling their obligations – Prime Minister K. Massimov

ASTANA. June 11. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/ The process of implementation of the projects included in the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development goes well and successfully. It is evident from the visits of Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov to East Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions.

On June 8 Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov visited KazZinc LLP. He familiarized with implementation of the project “New metallurgy”, which is included in the State Program. The project provides construction of a copper plant with cell room and lead production reconstruction. The total cost of the project makes up KZT 96.9 bln. According to Vice President of KazZinc LLP Yuri Gusev, while implementing the project the enterprise uses the modern international hydrometallurgical technologies, but if possible place orders for manufacturing of related equipment at the local, “trusted” machine-building enterprises. He also informed that recently KazZinc signed agreements on a number of orders with medium enterprises of the region.

Two largest ore mining enterprises of East Kazakhstan region Kazakhmys and KazZinc intend to increase the level of Kazakh content to 80% in the coming halfyear. Over the past five months the share of Kazakh content reached KZT 31 billion; agreements were signed with 22 enterprises of East Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov get acquainted with the progress of construction of the Thermal Power Plant – 1 in Semey city within his two-day visit to East Kazakhstan region.

The Head of the Government paid special attention to the issues of tariff policy, energy and heat supply.

A visiting session on the issues of energy supply of the city was held during the visit as well. The construction of the Thermal Power Plant – 3 by Korean company “Kus Zholy” LLC was discussed at the session. Besides, the Premier charged the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies to prevent unreasonable tariff increase for residents of the region. “The issue of energy and heat supply is a number one problem for Semey. The Head of the State charged to pay special attention to it”, the Prime Minister said.  

In Zhambyl region the Prime Minister surveyed the progress of construction of ‘Western Europe – Western China” highway. The works run as scheduled. Laying of asphalt was started on May 30. 3 708 people are involved in the construction, most of them are local and only 24 foreigners. ‘K-Dorstroy’ LLP is involved in dumping the subgrade and works in double-shift regime, ‘Zhambylzholkurylys’ awaits the arrival of stowage equipment, LLP ‘Kazakhdorstroy’ runs the works ahead of schedule, LLP ‘Akmolakurylysmaterialdary’ has overcome the problems and now operates in accordance with the schedule.

Then Karim Massimov visited Aisha-Bibi border crossing point at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border. Chairman of the Customs Control Committee of Kazakh Finance Ministry Kozy-Korpesh Karbuzov told about the prospects of equipage and infrastructure development of the crossing points in Zhambyl region. The work of the mobile unit of radiation control, opportunities and equipping of the regional rapid reaction units and law enforcement customs unit as well as the opportunities of the cynology service in identifying drugs were demonstrated to the Prime Minister. The Aisha-Bibi post is one of the three posts opened on the Kazakh President’s instruction on May 20. The Prime Minister informed that the Government was going to consider the issue of increasing the range of goods passing through the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border. The proposal was initiated by the Kyrgyz side.

Besides, the Prime Minister get acquainted with the course of construction of Amangeldy LLP crude oil processing plant. The purpose of the project amounting to KZT 3 bln is to provide the region with oil and lubricants. The design capacity of the projects is expected to make 200, 000 tons per year.

The plant was designed to produce gasoline, diesel and fuel oil from raw materials and gas condensate supplied from Amangeldy-gas  deposit or Karashagan oil field in Kyzylorda region. The plant is expected to process 500 tons of petroleum per day and produce 100 tons of fuel and fuel oil, 60 tons of kerosene, 120 tons of diesel fuel and 270 tons of fuel oil. Completion of the construction is scheduled for December 2010.

On Wednesday Kazakh Prime Minister held working sitting in the Internal Affairs Department of Zhambyl oblast. “It is necessary to drastically reduce administrative barriers for entrepreneurs”, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov said. The Prime Minister emphasized that it is necessary to raise entrepreneurial activity, particularly in rural area. “On June 14 the Government will consider the bill on simplification of administrative barriers”, K. Massimov noted. He added that through the Road Map an entrepreneur should have an opportunity to get a reduced-price resource for doing business.

Karim Massimov visited Taraz regional blood center  which is under construction now. Askar Baizhanov, a representative of the regional healthcare administration, reported to K. Massimov on the course of construction of the facility which had been included in 100 schools, 100 hospitals state program.

The regional blood center is expected to buy 15, 000 litres of blood per year will be put into service in May 2011. The estimated cost of the project is KZT 4 bln. In whole, the region plans to commission seven healthcare facilities worth KZT 24 bln within the 100 schools, 100 hospitals program.

On June 10 Prime Minister Karim Massimov chaired the conference on discussion of the draft State Program of Education Development for 2011-2020.

The draft program provides development of the education sphere on eight directions – improvement of the education system financing and its management, raising the status of a teacher, e-learning introduction and etc.

According to the document, it is planned to strengthen state support and stimulate work of teaching employees for raising teachers’ status. By 2016 70 percent of teachers will upgrade skills on the basis of the voucher financing.

By 2020 full coverage by preschool education and upbringing will be ensured in urban and rural area. To implement this goal the Ministry of Education plans to develop an alternative network of preschool establishments. In accordance with the program, transition to 12-year education will be realized in 2015.

The Government members, Parliament deputies, deputy governors of regions, representatives of international organizations, trade unions, workers of education and science take part in the conference.

K. Massimov urged to publish a draft state program of education development for 2011-2020 in media and continue its development with account of public discussions.