Our citizens are proud of state symbols of Kazakhstan – Senator S. Akylbay


Muratbek Makulbekov

Our citizens are proud of state symbols of Kazakhstan - Senator S. Akylbay‘June 4 is the day when we traditionally celebrate our state symbols. 18 years ago our state symbols were first approved on June 4’. S. Akylbay shared his view on the role of the state symbols in minds of the citizens of Kazakhstan and their role in raising patriotic feelings in the younger generation.

Mr. Akylbayev, what are the idea and meaning our state symbols carrying in themselves?

First of all, that is the idea of independence. When our country became independent a need in new state symbols arose, we needed symbols different from Soviet Union’s ones. The state symbols of Kazakhstan – the flag, national emblem and national anthem were adopted on June 4, 1992. The Constitutional Law ‘On the National Symbols of Kazakhstan’ was adopted on January 24, 1996. As you know our national anthem was changed in 2006. Our famous composer Shamshi Kaldayakov’s song and Zhumeken Nazhimidenov’s verses that were updated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev became the base for a new anthem.

These three symbols are inherent attribute of an independent state. Every Kazakhstani takes pride in our state symbols, the symbols of a sovereign state.

Our national emblem is very symbolic and refers to the history of Kazakh people. It demonstrates a shanyrak. Shanyrak is a sacred concept for all Kazakh people. Firstly, it symbolizes the sun. Secondly, it symbolizes family and unity. 130 ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan as one family under shanyrak. As for the flag, everyone knows that blue color symbolizes the sky. The image of the sun is in the middle of the blue cloth and under the sun an eagle soars. The eagle is a symbol of freedom and independence.

How widely state symbols should be used?

The state symbols should be used in accordance with the law. In our Constitutional Law, which was adopted on June 4, 2007, the national flag, emblem and anthem are described. Besides, this law regulates the order of usage as well as the storage norms. The law also specifies the measures to be taken in case of a violation of regulated use of the symbols.

What are the specifics of the state symbols of Kazakhstan?

It should be emphasized that our President Nursultan Nazarbayev was one of the creators of the state symbols. Many ideas were expressed during the discussion of the project of the state emblem. Among them was the idea of the emblem demonstrating a sword and an arrow. But the President did not agree on the emblem demonstrating anything intimidating. Our emblem should depict only peaceful symbols. The same for the flag; it demonstrates endless blue sky, vastness where stately eagle soars. Our flag represents our endlessly wide, hospitable souls. On the whole our state symbols reflect peace and confidence. Figuratively speaking they are like the policy of our country instilling confidence and bringing peace. Now at the time of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in the OSCE it is emphasized that all conflicts should be settled peacefully.