Partnership with Kazakhstan Government important for foreign investors – Martin Braddock


Rasul Bahamov

Partnership with Kazakhstan Government important for foreign investors - Martin BraddockPartnership with the Kazakh Government is of great importance for foreign investors, Regional President of JTI in CIS and official member of the JTI Executive Committee Martin Braddock said at the IV Kazakhstan Investment Summit in Almaty today.

According to him, JTI has been in Kazakhstan since 1993. “From the first moment of our arrival in the country we saw benefits for our business. Kazakhstani market is a strategic priority for our company and we are interested in its development through export.  We consider Kazakhstan a regional export base”,  said Martin Braddock.

In crisis period the company has not its cut staff. “We continue to invest our trademarks, industrial enterprises, as well as we continue releasing the value-added products. We have  also increased budget for education and social programs”,  the regional President of JTI noted.

In future the investor intends to take a leading position in Kazakhstan. The company’s ambitious goals are proved with its results. To date the company exports the products of Almaty and Shymkent enterprises to the neighbor countries, in particular, to Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.  It also plans to expand its consumers.

“The most important thing is that your projects must be long-term and promising”,  M. Braddock said.

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Kazakhstan – economic leader in Central Asia: Indian Ambassador


Rassul Bakhamov

“Kazakhstan is an economic leader in Central Asia”, Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan Ashok Sajjanhar said at the IV Kazakhstan Investment Summit in Almaty.

He has said that 80% of foreign direct investments and 80% of foreign trade in the region falls on Kazakhstan.

The Indian Ambassador reminded that Kazakh President N.Nazarbayev had already suggested establishing a free trade zone and the majority of Central Asian states supported it.

“Being technically advanced country and possessing rich natural resources Kazakhstan can assume a role of the economic leader”, A.Sandzhankhar said.

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We welcome CU establishment under condition of trade liberalization: Norbert Jousten


Yelena Ilinskaya

“We welcome establishment of the Customs Union under condition of trade liberalization”, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Norbert Jousten has said today at the IV Kazakhstan Investment Summit.

According to him, to date there is no such liberalization in Kazakhstan. “Under establishment of the Customs Union the import duties for all types of goods were increased essentially. New rules for licensing caused confusion for economic operators. New problems may arise in the protection of intellectual property. Being a big trade partner of Kazakhstan we suffer from these changes”, N.Jousten said. According to him, it is necessary to resolve all these problems as soon as possible.

The Head of the delegation noted that he supported the Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO. “WTO is a powerful global organization and accession to it provides countries with an opportunity to become a part of single world economic space, in this regard the country needs to accelerate the accession process”, N.Jousten said.