European Parliament held workshop on priorities of Kazakhstan’s OSCE presidency in Afghanistan


Dimash Syzdykov

European Parliament held workshop on priorities of Kazakhstan's OSCE presidency in AfghanistanA workshop titled “Priorities of the OSCE in Afghanistan within Kazakhstan’s presidency in the Organization” was held in the European Parliament Tuesday. Deputies of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, diplomatic corpse and world experts took part in the workshop. The organizer of the event is “Total Politics” analytical magazine with the support of Deputy of the European Parliament form Great Britain Nirj Deva.

As N.Deva noted, the commitment to strengthen the rule of law and resolving other problems in Afghanistan is a part of further normalization of the situation in the country and in the region as a whole. “President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev addresses these issues within the presidency of Kazakhstan in the OSCE. I am glad to take part in discussion of these problems”, he said.

Representative of the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union Lina Sucilaite said that Vilnius supports the initiatives of Kazakhstan in the OSCE. “Lithuania supports the undertakings of Kazakhstan in many spheres. Despite the fact that the country has not elaborated final priorities of the chairmanship, it is clear that the main emphasis in the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan will be laid on extension of cooperation between the EU and OSCE”, she said.

Besides, the importance of selection of the Afghan theme as one of the main priorities of the Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship was stressed at the meeting.

As earlier reported, Kazakhstan has been rendering essential assistance to Afghanistan for a few years. Beginning from 2010 our country realizes special program on educating a thousand of Afghan students in the Kazakh universities. Kazakhstan intends to take active part in the implementation and co-sponsoring of projects on strengthening the borders of Afghanistan with Central Asian states, development of cross-border cooperation and strengthening of law-enforcement activity as well.

Kazakhstan offers development of a road map on strengthening of railway, road and air traffic between Afghanistan and countries of the region as well as assistance in development of the infrastructure of the country.

Our country also expressed readiness to help in holding of transparent and fair parliamentary elections scheduled for September, 2010.