Kazakhstan exports grains to countries of the South-East Asia

May 27. AgriMarket 

Kazakhstan exports grains to countries of the South-East AsiaThe market of China and the market of the South-East Asia (by transit through the territory of China) becomes the new direction for exports of Kazakh grains, and shows very promising prospects, declared Asylzhan Mamytbekov, the Chairman of Executive Board of “National holding “KazAgro” JSC.

According to him, the market will not become open in the nearest future compared to such directions as markets of Iran and the Central Asia. Kazakhstan will need certain time period for conquering own niche on the market.

According to A.Mamytbekov, during several recent years, Kazakhstan works to enter the market of China, last year, the country supplied tst grain lots to China, and Chinese importers became completely satisfied with qualitative characteristics of Kazakh grains. Kazakh and Chinese governments reached the agreement concerning the terms of transit through the territory of China to the countries of the Pacific Ocean coast, including South Korea.

The holding KazAgro and the corporation Samsung concluded the memorandum, which also will include several contracts concerning the further supplies of grains to Korea.