OSCE chairman wants peaceful settlement of Transdniestrian conflict – Kazakh foreign minister

May 24. Interfax

OSCE chairman wants peaceful settlement of Transdniestrian conflict - Kazakh foreign ministerConsultations on the Transdniestrian settlement in the 5+2 format are being conducted under the supervision of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Astana on Monday. The parties involved in the negotiations are Moldova and the Transdniestrian Republic, the mediators are the OSCE, Russia, and Ukraine, and the observers are the EU and the U.S.

“We want true settlement of the Transdniestrian issue using solely peaceful and political methods with regard for the interests of all parties involved,” Kanat Saudabayev, chairperson-in-office of the OSCE and foreign minister of Kazakhstan, said.

Saudabayev said Kazakhstan believes the conflict can be resolved using “the principle of observing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova” and ensuring “the appropriate status of the Transdniestrian Republic, and respect for the political, economic, and humanitarian rights of the residents of the region.”

Saudabayev pointed out the need for official negotiations on the Transdniestrian issue.

“Negotiations, both formal and informal, bilateral and multilateral, are needed to generate trust, point out problems, and prompt joint reaction to possible incidents,” he said, adding that “there is a need to begin official negotiations” for settling the conflict.

Among the officials taking part in the consultations are Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister on Reintegration Issues Viktor Osipov, Transdniestrian Political Representative Vladimir Yastrebchak, Russian Foreign Ministry special envoy to Moldova Sergei Gubarev, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official Oleksandr Mishchenko, EU special representative on Moldova Kalman Mizsei, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel, and OSCE Mission in Moldova Chairman Philip Remler.


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Holding official negotiations on Transnistrian problem to bring success to Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship: Moldova Deputy PM


The participants of the consultations on the Transnistria problem settlement that have started in Astana today highly appraised the efforts of Kazakhstan as the OSCE chairman on settlement of the conflict.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Russia Daniel Russell noted that Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship played an important role in the process of settlement of the Transnistria conflict. He also said that the USA fully supported the approaches of Kazakhstan to the Transnistrian settlement.

Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Moldova-Transnistria Sergei Gubarev appreciated the work of Kazakhstan during the period of the chairmanship in the Organization and expressed hope that the consultations on the Ttransnistrian settlement could be held in official format.   

Representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleksandr Mishchenko complimented the activity of our country on the issues of settlement of protracted conflicts as well. He noted that Kazakhstan’s successful chairmanship in the OSCE was one of the key factors in the issue of development of the dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol.

Transnistria Political Representatives Vladimir Yastrebchak noted that Kazakhstan made considerable efforts on the establishment of a dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol. According to him, due to such approach of Kazakhstan the frank dialogue was renewed.   

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Moldova’s territorial re-integration Victor Osipov expressed gratitude to Kazakhstan for its efforts and said that if the negotiations on the Ttransnistrian problem were made official this year it would be the success of the Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship.