More than half of Kazakhstanis satisfied with their government – poll

May 18. Interfax

51% of Kazakhstan’s citizens are satisfied with the government, according to a poll conducted by the International Republic’s Institute (IRI) from April 3 to 13, 2010.

26% of the respondents said that the government does the job very well. The people are mainly concerned about the low living standards (25%), inflation and price hikes (23%), unemployment and the risk of job loss (18%).

42% of those interviewed are satisfied with the way the government is fighting corruption, 44% were not satisfied. 50% of the respondents supported the government’s effort to reduce unemployment, while 42% of the interviewed said the government was not too good at it.

50% of the respondents believe that the economic situation has improved, 33% do not see any change, 7% think it has worsened.

The poll was conducted April from 3 to 13 in all the 14 regions of Kazakhstan as well as in Astana and Almaty. For the purpose of the poll 1500 men and women were chosen at random.

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Kazakhstan issues 4 months production results

May 18.  SteelOrbis

According to the data released by the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency of Statistics, in January to April this year the country crude steel production reach 1.267 million up by 4%YoY and flat rolled steel production reach 881,949 tonnes down by 9.7%YoY respectively. Meanwhile, the country tinplate production amounted to 68,141 tonnes up by 20% YoY and its galvanized steel output amounted to 184,622 tonnes up by 12.4%YoY.

In January to April this year, Kazakhstan output of ferroalloys increased by 49.2%YoY to 567,292 tonnes, its iron ore production increased by 155.5% YoY to about 15.8 million tonnes while its iron ore pellets production went up by 143%YoY to about 2.86 million tonnes.

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Kazakhstan Q1 GDP growth reaches 7.1%

May 17. Xinhua. ALMATY

Alikhan Smailov, director of Bureau of Statistics of Kazakhstan, said on Monday that the country’s GDP in first quarter reached 881.6 billion Tenges (1 U.S. dollar is equal to 146.6 Tenges), representing a year-on-year increase of 7.1 percent.

Commodity output accounted for 41.1 percent of the total GDP, and service output accounted for 55.8 percent, said Smailov.

According to previous government forecasts, the country’s GDP growth rate will reach 2 percent in 2010, but some government officials believed Kazakhstan’s real GDP growth this year is likely to exceed the prediction.