Turkey Aims to Raise Trade with Kazakhstan to 5 Bln Usd, Exporters

May 4. Journal of Turkish Weekly

Turkey Aims to Raise Trade with Kazakhstan to 5 Bln Usd, ExportersTurkey’s main exporters association said on Tuesday that Turkey aimed to raise its trade with Kazakhstan to 5 billion USD.

Mehmet Buyukeksi, the chairman of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), said Turkey’s aim was to raise its trade volume with Kazakhstan to 5 billion USD in the first place.

“We then want to raise it to 10 billion USD,” Buyukeksi said during his meeting with Aset Isekeshev, the Kazakh deputy prime minister and minister of industry and new technologies, in Istanbul.

Isekeshev and an accompanying businessmen’s delegation visited TIM headquarters to make trade agreements and discuss investment opportunities.

Isekeshev said Turkish companies had particularly undertaken giant construction projects in Kazakhstan, and his country was providing foreign investors with significant facilities.

Kazakhstan had been offering great opportunities for Turkey with its rich crude oil, cheap energy and changing investment policies, Isekeshev said.

Isekeshev said Kazakhstan had lifted tax in 400 business branches, and did not get tax from machines to be brought to the country for investment.

Also, Isekeshev said 80 new projects were awaiting bids from Turkish businessmen.

Isekeshev met Turkish State Minister Zafer Caglayan (for foreign trade) in Ankara on Monday.

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul, accompanied by a large delegation of businessmen, is also planning to visit Kazakshstan on May 24-26.