Kazakhstan economy needs industrial upgrade — KISR Expert

 Almaty. June 1. KAZINFORM /Daniyar Sikhimbayev/

Kazakhstan economy needs industrial upgrade — KISR ExpertChief of the Economic Researches Division of the KISR, Ph.D. in Economics Anar Rakhimzhanova commented on the recent speech of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the XII conference of the Nur Otan Party in an interview to Kazinform.

– Why did the President attach such big importance to the industrial and innovative development when today the world is experiencing hard period of the global recession?

– The current crisis is the beginning of a new development stage of the world economy; historically countries experiencing difficult conditions, which rapidly aspired to develop an industrial potential on the basis of modern innovative technologies, obtained sizable advantage on a recovery stage and further growth. Kazakhstan, which has got significant potential, is also able to focus its efforts on the implementation of the President’s ideas and suggestions to diversify the industry. Of course, the external environment has serious influence on the development paces of the economy, but now, under the conditions of turbulence of the world markets’ climate we should critically value our plans, perform SWOT analysis of the chosen development priorities, coordinate efforts, and determine new goals for the midterm period.

Economical potential of Kazakhstan is pretty high; existence of all types of necessary resources, reached economical results give an opportunity to set correct mission of the perspective development, strengthen the basics of competitiveness of the country, support development of the internal industry and consumption.

In general, the global economic crisis challenges us to find new approaches, which would be able to strengthen the basis of the future development. Many experts consider the nowadays crisis to be the reason for clearing the world economy in terms of transition to more active industrial and social policies. New economy has to be fairer in all relations, including equal participation of all countries in the process of resources distribution, formation of the regulative and management systems, considering the priorities of sustainable development. It is vital to concentrate Kazakhstan economic and social resources on the problem solution to create conditions for post crisis growth according to the Development strategy “Kazakhstan 2030”.

– What reasons has Kazakhstan got for forced tasks’ implementation of the innovative industrialization?

– Kazakhstan has good potential, which is based on the development of economic resources. Therefore the task is to develop quality parameters of these resources, create conditions of their capitalization, develop innovation, and find new markets based on diversification of industry considering modern technologies. In terms of crisis there is an opportunity to turn regard inside the economy, understand what we’ve got, what we need, and how to use it. Considering Kazakhstan in terms of overall consolidation we can effectively solve the problems of internal demand, employment, balance and coordination of demands of domestic industrial and usual consumers, producers’ opportunities during the process of tasks implementation according to the President’s message “Through crisis to renovation and development” and his speech on the Nur Otan Party conference.

Today the economy needs an industry modernization, enlargement of the directed investment to manufacturing industry, development of the product consumption infrastructure. Doing so we can reach high-quality balance of demand and supply, in other words the enlargement of demand would be compensated not only by the prices growth, but by the growth of production. This and future year we have an opportunity to force the elements, which enable to use present opportunities effectively.

Our country in view of its unique geographic location and presence of strategic raw materials’ deposits is able and has to take special place inside the world economy, playing the role as the significant energy and infrastructure system.

– The Head of the country declared about the need of system reformation of the Nur Otan Party bodies work. What impetus would give such reconstruction to the Party and the political system as whole?

– Elaboration of the long-term program for the Party means determination of priorities, which will be purposefully implemented in further years; it will become another basis for its long-term development. System reconstruction of work should be directed at formation of the resource base for implementation of the created program, including formation of human resources training system, enforcement of channels of feedback with population, creation of the strategy of a healthy life promotion. It is possible that Nur Otan Party will contribute its efforts to innovative development of the country, creating conditions for mobilization and training of creative scientific and personnel reserve, in order to prepare not only future politicians and managers, but scientists. Implementing the strategy of employment, the Party will control the development of the system of qualified human resources training according to demands of innovative economy.

For political system it means that there is another ground for other parties and associations to appear, which will be able to suggest alternative constructive strategies of goals’ and values’ achievement. In general the system will become more flexible and sensitive to present changes.

– The Head of the country in his prerogative pointed out 7 branches. Why do you think exactly these branches should be developed primarily in Kazakhstan?

– Pointed branches are basic for the country’s economy; they include good potential of modernization and diversification of the economy. Today, anticipating future growth of the world and local economies, we should create conditions for overcoming of the existing problems in industrial and economical activity directed to optimization of the industrial structure, enforcement of the technological and technical reconstruction, stimulation of the internal competitive manufacturing and consumption of domestic products. It is essential that public and investors attention will be focused on the deep development of existing economical resources.

In general development of the economical potential of Kazakhstan in terms of the world crisis is associated with concentration of efforts for implementation of anti-crisis measures, determination of existing advantages and weaknesses using opportunities to overcome crisis.