Kazakhstan to export milling wheat to Ukraine


Kazakhstan to export milling wheat to UkraineAccording to representatives of one of the leading export companies of Kazakhstan, the current supply and demand balance on the market of milling wheat in Kazakhstan, estimations of the ending stocks of grains in the country, prospects of development of the situation on the world market of grains, exchange rates of the national currency, and several other factors give many grounds to Kazakh companies-exporters to activate wheat sales on foreign markets.

The government subsidies export supplies, which also assists to development of the situation. Kazakh companies became more interested in Ukrainian grain market. To date, several companies from Kazakhstan plan to deliver nearly 1 mln tonnes of milling wheat to Ukraine.

According to potential suppliers of the grain volumes, the price issue of Kazakh wheat, which traditionally has high qualitative parameters, is the main discussion point with Ukrainian buyers.

As a reminder, according to data of APK-Inform Agency, purchasing prices of the leading processing enterprises of Ukraine total: 2-grade wheat – 1300-1400 UAH/t, 3-grade wheat – 1250-1350 UAH/t, taking into account expenditures for delivery to the enterprises.