Iran to Open Permanent Trade Center in Kazakhstan

April 13. Fars News Agency

Iran to Open Permanent Trade Center in KazakhstanIran plans to build a permanent trade center in Kazakhstan to facilitate enhanced trade activities by Iranian expatriates living in the country, an official announced on Monday.  

“In the visit paid by our trade delegation to Kazakhstan, it was decided that a permanent trade center exclusive to the Iranian expatriates be opened in the country’s Southern Kazakhstan province,” said Head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Iran’s northern province of Semnan Ali Asqar Jome’i.

Noting that the site considered for the construction of the trade center is owned by an Iranian, Jome’i expressed the hope that the center would be inaugurated in the near future.

Elsewhere, he referred to Kazakhstan’s potentials and capacities for attracting foreign investment, and mentioned that Kazakhstan, an industrial country also active in the mining sector, welcomes investment by capital holders from different countries.

The country enjoys abundant gold and copper mines and a free economy, Jome’i reminded, viewing Kazakhstan as a proper option for foreign investment by the Iranians.

The Iranian foreign ministry late 2009 had called on Kazakhstan to lift visa requirements for those Iranian businessmen willing to run trade activities in the Central Asian country.

“…if lifting visa requirements comes on both countries’ agenda, then visits by traders and businessmen will be facilitated and the ground will be prepared for the expansion of cooperation,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said at the time.

Noting that the trade volume between Iran and Kazakhstan has increased in recent years, the spokesman stressed that in case the existing problems are resolved, the two countries can boost the volume of their annual trade to $10 bln.