United Nations Organization ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in all spheres: Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon


Muratbek Makulbekov

United Nations Organization ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in all spheres: Sec Gen Ban Ki-moonThe United Nations Organization is ready to cooperate with President N.Nazarbayev and his Government in all spheres. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made it public at the briefing upon the meeting in Akorda yesterday. A wide range of issues of interaction of Kazakhstan and the Organization, topical problems of global and regional policy were discussed at the meeting. As earlier reported, Ban Ki-moon started his visit to Kazakhstan from East Kazakhstan region, where he got acquainted with the situation at the Semipalatinsk Test Site.

“During many decades it was an epicenter of “cold war”, threatening the mankind. Today it is a symbol of hope for the future of the world that must be free of nuclear weapons. Kazakhstan gave a lead to other countries in this important issue that is one of the highest priorities for me as the UN Secretary General. Under the wise leadership of N.Nazarbayev Kazakhstan was the first country to announce establishment of nuclear weapon free zone”, Ban Ki-moon said.

He complimented the commitment of President N.Nazarbayev to the international cooperation on nuclear disarmament that is very important for achieving progress in this sphere and expressed gratitude to the Kazakh President for his work.   

According to the UN Secretary General, the nuclear summit in Washington might provide fresh political will.

Ban Ki-moon stressed that Central Asia is the central region of the world, the key player in solution of many global problems.

“We discussed the role of Kazakhstan in provision of peace and stability in the region including the proposals of the Kazakh President on settlement of the situation in Afghanistan”, he said.

Concerning the OSCE chairmanship Ban Ki-moon said that Kazakhstan became a leader here too – it is the first Muslim and post-soviet country that took up the post. He expressed gratitude for the organization of coming briefing at the OSCE Permanent Council for him.

Ban Ki-moon also thanked N.Nazarbayev for the support of the UN Preventive Diplomacy Center that can became a forum for all five countries of the region in the future.

Another issue discussed at the meeting was regional water and energy resources management.

The UN Secretary General complimented successful cooperation of Kazakhstan with the Human Right Council in Geneva, including the decision of the Council on invitation of independent experts to our country. He appealed to execute the recommendations of the Council including establishment of independent institutions on human rights.

Ban Ki-moon also said that N.Nazarbayev was invited to the meeting on achieving the Millennium Development Goals that would be held at the UN Headquarters in September this year.

“This will be an opportunity to develop a specific action plan. Leaders of countries could make big contribution to realization of the Millennium Goals for 2010-2015. We must reduce poverty, provide primary education for many people in developing countries. We must provide women with an opportunity to show activity and help sick people. We also must combat HIV, malaria, tuberculoses. All world leaders are responsible for it”, Ban Ki-moon said.

In conclusion the UN Secretary General expressed gratitude for awarding him the 1st degree “Dostyk” Order and assured that the Organization was ready to boost cooperation with Kazakhstan.