Palmali begins transportation of Kazakhstan oil to Iranian port Neka and going to double transportations through Caspian Sea

April 7. Azerbaijan Business Center

Company Palmali signed a long-term contract with company Каzmоrtransportflot on transportation of crude from port Aktau to port Neka using tankers with maximal carrying capacity to sea-gauge in Neka port.

The  company informed that  two months before it also won the tender for transportation of all volume of crude from Alaja port to Neka port , after carrying out of which the long-term contract was signed too. In compliance with program of expansion of activity in the Caspian Sea the companies succeeded in attracting to 25 units of modern vessels of the various tonnage in the Caspian Sea, covering to 60% of sea transportations of oil and petroleum products in this region.

Presently,  the company’s fleet transports through the  Caspian Sea from 600,000 to 800,000 tons of crude oil and petroleum products per month, carrying out successive voyages, both from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the direction of the Russian and Iranian ports. The company’s also takes part  in export of crude oil and light-oil products from Astrakhan in the direction of Iranian ports, thereby, keeping basic directions of goods traffics. The company cooperates closely with all cargo owners in the Caspian region, optimizing export of volumes of crude oil and oil products considering undertaken long-term obligations. The next year Palmali company is going to increase volume of transported cargo through the Caspian Sea twice by means of ferrying additional fleet.