Kazakhstan to export grains to South Korea

April 05. AgriMarket 

Kazakhstan to export grains to South KoreaContract Food Corporation and China Cereals, Oils and Foods (Group) Co. (COFKO) reached the agreement concerning supplies of Kazakh wheat at the level of 20 thsd tonnes at the first stage of mutual cooperation in the spring 2010, declared Armain Evniev, the Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan during the International Grain Conference in Astana city.

According to him, the Grain Union of Kazakhstan reached preliminary agreement with South Korean company Samsung concerning the contract for supplying of nearly 300 thsd tonnes of Kazakh grains on the market of South Korea.

According to A.Evniev, during January-February 2010, Kazakhstan exported the first trading lot of 10 thsd tonnes of grains to the People’s Republic of China.