Kazakhstan to Double Crude Supplies to Slovakia

March 30. Oil and Gas Industry

Kazakhstan to Double Crude Supplies to SlovakiaKazakhstan, the largest oil producer in Central Asia, could double its supplies of crude and oil condensate to Slovakia, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said today.

“Three million tons of oil was supplied to Slovakia from Kazakhstan last year. This year we can supply twice as much”, Nazarbayev said after talks with Slovak President Ivan Gasparovich.

In January, the Ukrainian state company Ukrtransnafta unilaterally ended an agreement with Kazakhstan pipeline operator Kaztransoil to pump Kazakh oil across Ukraine along the south branch of the Druzhba pipeline forcing the Kazakh’s to reroute deliveries to Poland.

In March, the Ukrainian government said it wanted to renew transit of Kazakh crude, Reuters reported.

Traders say the main schedule for transit in the first quarter envisions 1.365 million tons of Kazakhstan crude being pumped along the south branch of Druzhba from January to March including 756,000 tons to Slovakia and 600,000 tons to Hungary.


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Kazakhstan and Slovakia to coop in transport engineering sphere – N.Nazarbayev


Muratbek Makulbekov

National companies of Kazakhstan and Slovakia will sign an agreement on construction of rail wagons, locomotives and electric locomotives.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced it at the briefing after a meeting with President of Slovakia Ivan Gasparovic.

“We agreed on our cooperation in engineering, transport engineering, in the field of energy, transit, military-technical sphere, agriculture, hydrometallurgy, education and healthcare”, the Kazakh President said.

Besides, according to him, the issues of formation of new architecture of the European security as well as the situation in Kazakhstan and Afghanistan were discussed.


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Slovakia interested in coop with Kazakhstan in construction of underground gas storages – I. Gasparovic


Kanat Kulshmanov

Slovakia is keen on cooperation with Kazakhstan in construction of underground gas storages, Ivan Gasparovic, President of the Slovak Republic, has announced it at a press conference in Akorda today.

“We are extremely interested in active cooperation with your country, for instance, in exchange of know-how in construction of underground gas storage facilities, establishment of Kazakh-Slovak joint productions in Kazakhstan and Central Asia”, I. Gasparovic said.

In his opinion, cooperation in nuclear energy arouses great interest in Slovakia as well.

“We are ready for such cooperation and expect to enhance in while developing 4G nuclear reactors together with Japan and Kazakhstan”, the Head of Slovakia stressed.

Alongside, I. Gasparovic noted that Kazakhstan and Slovakia possessed huge potential for supply of fuel to nuclear power stations.


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Participation of Slovak companies in Kazakhstan Industrialization very important – N. Nazarbayev


Kanat Kulshmanov

Participation of Slovak companies in Kazakhstan’s industrialization is very important for our country, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has said it at a press conference in the Akorda residence today.

The President proposed to establish Slovak enterprises in the construction, furniture, light and general engineering industries in Kazakhstan. “The automobile production has been well developed in Slovakia, recently. It is also interesting for us. It would be mutually beneficial to create a joint enterprise in this sphere”, N. Nazarbayev emphasized.

The Kazakh leader also noted that energy cooperation with Kazakhstan and Kazakh energy supplies to Slovakia were of paramount importance for Slovakia.

To date Kazakhstan has supplied non-ferrous metallurgy products including lead, zinc, copper as well as ferrous metals and mineral fertilizers to Slovakia.


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Slovakia suggests Kazakhstan investing in medical tourism


Kanat Kulshmanov

“Slovakia is ready to suggest Kazakhstan investing in the field of medical tourism”, Slovakian President Ivan Gasparovic has said today.

“Slovakia suggests Kazakhstan investing in medical tourism. We have many resorts and healing springs”, I.Gasparovic said.

According to him, such investments could be very interesting for Kazakhstan.