Kazakhstan nonferrous ores and metals production in 2 months

March 19. SteelGuru

It is reported that in accordance with the Kazakhstan government statistics committee, the production in non-ferrous metals industry in the first two month of 2010 was as follows:

Affinated gold productions reduce by 2.7%YoY to 1368 kilogram. Bauxite production is 858200 tonnes which is 8.6% more than in the same period of 2009.

There were also extracted 7.599 million tonnes of iron ore up by 30.9%, 854400 tonnes of copper-zinc ore up by 6.7%, 1.07 million tonnes of lead-zinc ore up by 5.7%, 393100 tonnes of manganese ore down by 11.7%, 788,300 tonnes of chrome ore up by 37.9%.

Ore concentrates production in January to February 2010 was 60,200 tonnes of copper ore concentrate down by 6.7%, 4900 tonnes of lead ore concentrate down by 21%, 58700 tonnes of zinc ore concentrate down by 11.9%, 1.412 million tonnes of iron ore pellets down by 212.5%.

In the reported period it was smelted 296,360 tonnes of prime aluminium down by 6.3%, 51563 tonnes of prime zinc down by 12.4%, 54731 tonnes of unrefined copper ingots, except agglomerated products, products rolled, extruded or forged which is 1.7% over the figure of January to February 2009.