Kazakhstan: durum wheat to remain one of the export priorities

March 18. Agrimarket Consulting

Kazakhstan: durum wheat to remain one of the export prioritiesDue to the present soil and climatic conditions, Kazakhstan takes one of the leading places in the top list of ten world leading producers of the most expensive variety of wheat – high-quality durum.

According to IGC estimations, in the current season, the country will produce 2.6 mln tonnes of the grain. Thus, Kazakhstan is the main Black Sea supplier of high quality wheat on the world market.

As a reminder, Canada and the USA are the main exporters of wheat on the global market.

The cancellation of import duties for durum wheat by the EU countries at the end of the last year will possibly increase competition in the reporting market between the countries of the North America and Kazakhstan, but is still not clear, whether Kazakh grains will realize own full export potential on the European market.

You can estimate the real abilities of Kazakhstan grains supplying, learn about the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Kazakh durum, and finally conclude contracts for supplying of the unique product, while visiting the International Grain Conference in Kazakhstan.

The main aims of the forum are:

– promotion of Kazakh grain on the world market
– realization of direct contracting of foreign companies with Kazakh participants of the grain market
– activation of cooperation of grain markets of Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and Kazakhstan
– acquaintance with different aspects of international trade with grains (logistics, juridical aspects, etc.)
– appearance of grains and flour from Kazakhstan on new markets