Kazakhstan to develop grain exports to the Persian Gulf countries and Iran

March 17. Agrimarket Consulting

Kazakhstan to develop grain exports to the Persian Gulf countries and IranKazakhstan continues strengthening own positions on grain markets of the Persian Gulf countries and, especially, Iran, which is one of the largest importers of grains in the world. Last year, Iran consumed over 30% of Kazakh grain export volumes.

The organizers of the International Grain Conference in Astana city (April 1-2, 2010, Kazakhstan, Rixos President Hotel) will provide the round-table discussion “Development of Kazakh grain export to Gulf States and Iran”, taking place on April 2, in order to develop business relations between the conference participants.

The main aims of the round-table discussion are:

– forecast of the development of grain exports from Kazakhstan to the countries of the Persian Gulf and Iran in the short-term and medium-term potential;

– condition and potentials of development of grain export infrastructure – port and linear elevator capacities, transport networks (railway and sea shipping routes) of Kazakhstan and Iran in the long-term prospects of development of the Iranian “grain corridor”;

– competitive capacity of Kazakh grains on markets of the countries of the Persian Gulf and Iran;

– providing of special preferential tariffs (customs and transit) for imports of Kazakh grain to Iran, as a lever for stimulating future expansion and intensification of the integration processes of the grain markets of Kazakhstan and Iran with the Persian Gulf countries.

Discussion of the mentioned issues will allow activating the promotion of Kazakh grains and establishing partnerships of foreign companies with Kazakh participants of the market of grains.

Participation of top-managers and famous experts of the grain industry will make the round-table discussion as the effective ground for exchange of opinions concerning the current and long-term tendencies of development of the grain markets and exposure of additional reserves for increasing of effectiveness of grain exports to neighboring countries.

The growth of effectiveness of logistics process and additional preferences (in countries-importers) in the terms of down market allows to Kazakhstan to reach the most appreciable competitive advantages on grain markets of the countries of the Persian Gulf and Iran.