Nazarbayev’s visit to Uzbekistan to support political dialogue between two states – expert’s opinion


Rassul Bakhamov

Nazarbayev's visit to Uzbekistan to support political dialogue between two states - expert's opinionPresident Nursultan Nazarbayev’s official visit to Uzbekistan aims to support the political dialogue between the two states. This is the opinion of a well-known Kazakhstani political scientist, editor of the political section of the business weekly “Expert Kazakhstan” Nikolai Kuzmin.

According to the expert, personal contacts of two Presidents Nursultan Nazarbayev and Islam Karimov are particularly important for both countries, since the heads of the states determine the political course of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and make important decisions.

Due to the fact that high-level visits are coordinated in advance, we can assume that on the political direction the relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will experience significant warming, Mr. Kuzmin considers.

The relationship of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are determined to a greater extent by the necessity to maintain a constructive dialogue on a wide range of issues linking the neighboring countries – the transit of goods and people, mutual visits of citizens, distribution of the watercourse of transboundary rivers, fight against cross-border crime and others. As a result, the state institutions, which are responsible for the solution of these issues, achieved and maintain a good level of interaction.

However, the relations to a much lesser extent are determined by diversification of trade and growth of trade turnover between our countries. As a result, the states feel the lack of contacts between representatives of private business and suffer from direct smuggling.

In the political sphere the contacts between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are actually mediated, whereas Russia (in CSTO), China (in SCO), Turkey (in TURKSOI), USA (supporting operations in Afghanistan) act as intermediaries.

As Nicolai Kuzmin predicts, it will be difficult to achieve significant breakthrough in trade-economic sphere. In resolution of cross-border issues it is enough to give the political setup for the continuation of cooperation between specialists of the two countries. Another aspect of the visit – demonstration of regional cooperation – is not connected directly with bilateral relations. But it is no less important in its own way, the Kazakh expert resumed.