Old-fashioned Chinese Dimash Kudaibergen – a survey of foreigners

Dimash KUDAIBERGEN: Biography Of The Famous Kazakh Singer

Blogger Daniyar Yenikeyev conducted a survey among residents of the United Kingdom, who are similar to media translators of Kazakhstan.

The video of the experiment he published on YouTube.

He showed residents of Edinburgh photos of his fellow countrymen-celebrities. For the correct answer, where these people come from, respondents were promised 20 pounds. But even the material incentive did not help them in this trial.

The respondents were shown portraits of the boxer Kanat Islam, singers Ali Okapov and Dimash Kudaibergen, actors Erden Telemisov, Sanzhar Madiyev, the group Ninety One. What was the surprise of the Scots when they found out that all these men were from the same country.

Most often, passers-by responded that they saw Koreans, Japanese or Mongols in the photo. Kanat Islam they called a baseball player, like a Vietnamese. Yerden Telemisov compared with the actor of the series “The Game of Thrones”. Ali Okapova saw a Scottish smile. And Dimash Kudaibergen was compared to an old-fashioned Chinese or an Iranian.


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  • Julija Vidaković. -I am from SERBIA

    Dimash is your king who is not in the world.BRAVO

  • Julija Vidaković. -I am from SERBIA

    Your is king.

  • Joyce

    Most Chinese would tell Mr. Daniyar Yenikeyev that millions of Chinese know Dimash and love Dimash. Maybe Karzakhstan government could send Dimash to European and north America as a culture ambassador to publicize his country.

Message to Dimash Kudaibergen