New interview with Dimash Kudaibergen for CCTV

New interview with Dimash Kudaibergen for CCTV

Dimash Kudaibergen is preparing for tomorrow’s D-Dynasty Changsha concert. The broadcast starts at 18:30 Beijing time and will show an interview with Dimash, some backstage footage, rehearsal footage and the first 3 songs performed by Dimash.

Dimash Kudaibergen has given an interview for the Central Television of China CCTV.

In an interview with, his story about the emergence as a person, the creative path of Dimash began with the words of Abai Kunanbaev “Әsepaz zhalma әrnge, өnepaz bolsң, aralan”. He told me that he used to be busy from an early age, he spent half the day studying, the rest of the day he devoted music. And the fact that he became famous in 22 years not only in Kazakhstan and China, but also in the world, thanks to his fans, is a big, daily work that is not given so simply.

The singer expressed gratitude to the Chinese international competition I am a singer, which made him recognizable far beyond Kazakhstan.

The interview is accompanied by shots of Dimash’s speeches at contests and concerts.

In China, Dimash is in the framework of his first world tour. Today in the city of Changsha in China will be a solo concert of the Kazakh singer.

As previously reported, Kazakhstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen took second place in the finals of the Chinese international competition Singer 2017. Participation in this competition brought recognition of the singer’s talent abroad. At this summer’s festival in Beijing, the new Asian Song Festival (2017 Fresh Asia music Festival), he won the nomination “Best Foreign Creative Personality of the Year.”

Previously, Dimash became the owner of the nominations: “The most recognizable singer of Asia”, “The most popular singer at the international level”, “The best singer of the year” and “The most recognizable foreign singer”.

Let’s note that the songs “Kobyk koz”, “Uptown Funk”, “Adagio”, “SOS d’unterrien en détresse”, “Ұmytylmas kүn”, “All By Myself”, performed by Dimash at different stages of the Singer contest held in China, Daididau “were included in the rating of” New Songs of Asia “(Freshasia music).

The first solo show of Dimash Kudaibergen’s concert in Kazakhstan “Bastau” took place on June 27, 2017. This evening, 30 thousand fans of talent from Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad came. Most foreign guests were citizens of Russia and China.


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  • Diane

    For such a young man, you are such a deep thinker. So composed—so patient—so intuitive. My Lord, how can this even be possible.
    Dimash: you are already a superstar. No, excuse me, you are a mega star. Your star is so bright, the sun seems dim next to you.
    You have many fans who adore you. Who you are on the inside is amazingly beautiful. You have an old soul–like you have lived twice your years. Again, how can that be?
    Are you an angel sent to us by God?

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