Kazakhstan’s regions lead in number of public private projects

Kazakhs are immensely proud of their new capital

Kazakhstan is implementing public private projects (PPP) worth 139.5 billion tenge. Most of the projects are being implemented in the country’s regions.

“Since my last report on the issue, the number of PPP contracts has grown more than 2 times from 46 to 116. We have launched 53 objects worth 70 billion tenge. Other 63 facilities worth 69.5 billion tenge are currently at the construction stage,” said Timur Suleimenov the Minister of Economy of Kazakhstan at the meeting of the government, Kazakh media reported.

He added that the list of the PPP projects of the country includes 45 educational facilities, 27 health facilities, 17 cultural and sports facilities, 7 service and procurement centers in the Almaty region, 5 ophthalmologic institutions, 4 housing and social facilities, 3 republican projects in energy and passenger transportation sector, three polyclinics in Karaganda, Kyzylorda and Shymkent regions, etc.

The most part of the PPP projects (113 out of 116) account for the Kazakh regions, according to the minister.

“The leaders in terms of the conducted projects are Karaganda (21), Kostanay (17) and South-Kazakhstan regions (13), and the same time the leaders in terms of investment attraction are the Aktyubinsk region (16.6 billion tenge) and Astana (15.1 billion tenge).”

(Exchange rate $1 – 333,65 tenge)

By Ali Mustafayev, Trend