Dimash Kudaibergen presents Fantastac Video Advertising

Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash Kudaibergenov became the official face of the Salamsu brand.

Salamsu is a natural drinking water that is extracted from underground waters feeding on glaciers of the Alatau mountains, saturated with minerals and microelements preserved during the purification process.

Peace to your home!

Watch Salamsu water advertisement with Dimash Kudaibergen:


4 messages

  • Khatuna Kurdovanidze

    Dear Dimash Dears, 12 days ago the difference between Dimash and the second guy was 143000, now it’s less than 100000. Please, keep voting, he will be #1 soon!

  • Sylvia Bedzinska

    Sending you Angel your way from Sydney’s fan group!


    WOW…Great…!Peter – Poland

  • Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

    Dimash, you are the most talented singer I have ever heard. Let your heart guide you throughout your life. May the Lord protect you and I wish for you all the success, prosperity and love in the world. You have amazing parents that supports you and that is so important. You have won my heart over. Your voice is incredible, so angelic. I am a publish spiritual writer with love for God and I hope that the Lord will be with you always. Stay safe and keep spreading your music throughout the world. I hope I will be able to hear you in a live concert. Much love from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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