25th Anniversary Of Relations Between Belgium And Kazakhstan

25th Anniversary Of Relations Between Belgium And Kazakhstan

Today, Belgium and Kazakhstan celebrate the 25th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic relations. This anniversary crowns a bilateral relationship that has become more and more diverse over the years.

Since Kazakhstan’s independence, our bilateral relationship has been enriched by high-level political contacts, such as President Nazarbayev’s visits to Belgium in 2010, 2014 and 2016. More recently, Minister Reynders has met his counterparts, Mr Idrissov at the end of 2016 and Mr Abdrakhmanov in February 2017. Last July, political talks were held between both capitals, which allowed to discuss our cooperation. Besides, regular parliamentary-level meetings as well as varied cultural exchanges have taken place between both our countries. In the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our bilateral relationship, our Ambassador in Astana will give a concert with Conductor Dirk Brossé next September.

The economic exchanges between both our countries have been particularly strengthened since 1992. Many missions have contributed to increasing awareness of both parties’ commercial advantages, especially in the chemical, infrastructure and logistics sectors. The nomination of Ambassadors-at-large for Central Asia from 2004, then the opening of a Belgian Embassy in Astana in 2007, have increased this potential and allowed Belgian companies to enter the country. In 2016, our commercial exchanges amounted to around 223 million euros.

Belgium and Kazakhstan can therefore further deepen these bilateral relations, with respect for values such as the Rule of Law and free markets as well as multilateral cooperation on peace and security issues.