U.S., Kazakhstan Natural Agriculture Partners

U.S., Kazakhstan Natural Agriculture Partners

Agriculture officials from a country in central Asia are interested in American farm technology because climate conditions are similar to the Upper Midwest.

Recently, a delegation from Kazakhstan made stops in Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota to learn more about U.S. ag machinery and grain handling equipment.

Sarah Frese, executive director of the U.S.-Kazakhstan business association, says the two countries are natural partners.

“Climate-wise (both countries) are very similar, very hot in the summer (and) very cold and snowy in the winter. A lot of the challenges that American agriculture companies have found a way to work with about producing in the Upper Midwest are very similar to ones that Kazakhstani companies are facing now.”

She tells Brownfield the Kazakhstani private sector agribusiness representatives toured John Deere and AGCO facilities, as well as a co-op in south-central Minnesota.

“Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world (and) there’s just so much space. But it also has some challenges in terms of water usage and even just applying new technologies that have been developed.”

Frese calls the United States a global leader in ag technology and says Kazakhstan plans to move their agriculture sector forward by adopting American practices and equipment.

By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield Ag News