Scandal Network: Kazakh Flight Attendants Stripped For The Sake Of Advertising (Video)

Astana-Milan flight to be launched in second half 2018

Flight attendants in revealing the role advertised service of the Kazakh company.

In the Network caused controversy completely Nude flight attendants, which was removed in the video Kazakhstan service Chokotravel.

Girls, hiding behind some pussy, tell the client about the offers of the company. The video published on the Facebook page of a resident of Alma-ATA Nurken Rzayev.

Some users reacted to the blatant advertising positively, while, others expressed criticism. In particular, protested the video, the author of the Telegram-channel “Female power” Zalina Marshenkulova, calling it “unjustified use of the naked female body.”

Roller for a few hours managed to collect 27 thousand views and hundreds of likes and users on the Network.