Kazakh Businessman Tuleshov Convicted Of Attempt To Seize Power Being Tried On Economic Charges

Kazakh Beer Tycoon Jailed For 21 Years On Coup-plotting Charges

SHYMKENT. July 13 (Interfax) – The Yenbekshi District Court in Shymkent, the administrative center of the Southern Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan, on Thursday started hearing a new criminal case against businessman Tokhtar Tuleshov, who was convicted of an attempt to seize power in Kazakhstan last November.

This time around, Tuleshov has been charged with tax evasion, bribery, and violation of the accounting and financial reporting law, the court told Interfax.

Tuleshov has been escorted from an Astana penitentiary to the Yenbekshi District Court to attend the hearing. Eight other people are also being tried in the same case.

It had been reported earlier that a special inter-district military court for criminal cases in Astana on November 7, 2016 sentenced Tuleshov, the director of the Shymkentpivo company, to 21 years in prison on 16 counts, including preparations for a violent seizure of power in Kazakhstan through organizing hotbeds of social tension, mass riots, and protests.

Tuleshov was also convicted of financing a transnational criminal community and setting up and controlling an armed gang of about 100 gunmen responsible for murders, abductions, illegal deprivation of freedom, torture, and armed robberies. A total of 25 people were convicted in that criminal proceeding.