Brokers Will Get Access To Trades At Kazakhstani Stock Exchange

Brokers Will Get Access To Trades At Kazakhstani Stock Exchange

The broker organizations will get access to trades in foreign currency at the stock exchange of Kazakhstan, said Oleg Smolyakov, deputy chairman of the National Bank.

“It will boost increase of liquidity of the currency market, improve effectiveness of the process of market formation of rates and transparency of the operations at the currency market. Taking in account provision of access to the trades in foreign currency for the broker organizations, in the perspective individuals and legal entities- clients of participants of trades- will get an access to the stock exchange operations through the technologies of direct and sponsored access (DMA and SMA),” he said in the interview to Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper.

In his words, extension of access to the stock exchange trades for the brokers is prescribed in the norms of the new edition of the law “On currency regulation and currency control”, which is being developed by the National Bank.

“It has good perspectives taking in account the interest of the population of Kazakhstan to intermediary services of the alternative organizations, giving an opportunity of the direct client access to the trades on the international market with margin credit,” he said.