Halyk, Kazkommertsbank Commenced Unification Of ATMs Network

Halyk Savings Bank Of Kazakhstan And Kazkommertsbank Announces Merging ATM Networks As Of July 10

Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty), have provided KASE with the following press release of July 10:

Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan and Kazkommertsbank (Qazkom) started to merge their ATM
networks: as of July 10 additional cashing fees were cancelled for cardholders of
both banks. From now on, for clients of Halyk and Qazkom it doesn’t matter what
ATM to use.

As of June 1, 2017 Halyk Bank’s network included 2,367 machines, with 559 of
them with the cash-in function. Kazkommertsbank’s network consisted of 2,292
machines, of which 465 have the cash-in function. Taking into account that
Halyk Bank serves 6 mln cardholders, and Kazkommertsbank – more than 2 mln, most
economically active residents of Kazakhstan will be able to avail of advantages
of the merger of two bank networks. We’d like to point out that every
second ATM in Kazakhstan belongs to Halyk+Qazkom.

Despite the active development of money transfer market, ATMs are still very
popular in Kazakhstan. According to official statistics*, only in April 2017
Kazakhstan’s residents performed 17.6 mln such transactions worth KZT683.2 bn.