Crown International Wins Kazakhstan Contract

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Portishead-based Crown International has won a £1.7m contract to supply flame detector masts for a gas field in Kazakhstan.

The company will supply masts to be used to mount flame detectors that detect fire as part of a wider fire alarm system.

The contract with Fluor, which manages a number of oil and gas rigs in Kazakhstan, is for the Kazakh Future Growth project, which aims to expand production at the site by about 12 million tonnes per year (260,000 barrels per day).

Mark Stacey, managing director of Crown International, said: “We’re delighted to have secured this contract, which will be fulfilled at our Portishead facility over the next six months.

“The pole has been designed to improve the safety of maintenance workers while reducing the time and costs involved in maintaining the system as the flame detector can be lowered to ground level for maintenance and can be operated by a single maintenance worker.”

Crown International forms part of Avingtrans’ energy and medical division and specialises in the design and manufacture of road- and rail-side safety equipment.