Expo 2017: Signagelive Provide The Software In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Litany Of Abuses Continues, Even Under EXPO 2017 Spotlight

Signagelive provided the software used in the light/image sphere at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan Signagelive worked with Peter Grinwis AVDIS BV who partnered with their integrator VML-Technologies on this project.

AVDIS BV is distributor of various pro-AV brand products, who also provide resellers and integrators the advice necessary to make the right product choice.

VML-Technologies are a highly specialised company providing world-leading consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED Media Facade.

Now for the technical know how – What was the configuration of the devices/Signagelive? Did they use sync?

It was used in combination with intel NUC players (UHD) and the Datapath FX4.

No Sync was needed – due to the high resolution they could create sufficient number of pixels to cover the total sphere.

By using multiple Intel NUC and Signagelive licenses and the FX4 they could create multiple segments within the sphere.

Signagelive’s innovative technology is currently powering digital signage applications for single devices through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively, to thousands of customers in over 46 countries worldwide.