Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan Ready To Assist Ukrainian Conflict Regulation

Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan Ready To Assist Ukrainian Conflict Regulation

Kazakhstan is ready to assist the Ukrainian conflict regulation, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan. He called on Russia and Ukraine to come to negotiating table.

“The events in the southeast of Ukraine led to a sharp confrontation and unconstructive public controversy between the always close fraternal nations, such as the Russia and Ukraine. It is a pity for all the friends of these peoples and frankly speaking, for me especially. We call on both sides to begin a serious dialogue to resolve the issues that have arisen. Any conflicts, even world wars, end at the negotiating table. And this what I appeal to,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said at a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Kazakhstan.

According to him, Kazakhstan is ready to help the negotiation processes with by any means, Kazinform reports. “We are generally speaking in this process. I personally put great hopes on the meeting of the Presidents of the United States and Russia at G20 (…) It is necessary for the cause of peace, for our common struggle against the common challenge which is terrorism,” the President said.

According to the Kazakh President, everyone understands that it is the solution of the Ukraine-Russia crisis that the normalization of relations between the West and Russia, as well as between all great powers, can begin, and without the consistency of which it is impossible to solve both the problems of the global economy and politics and the challenges of extremism and terrorism.

“The world is accumulating fatigue and anxiety from the crisis of trust between key players. I believe that a great power is a power that contributes to peace on earth. No other things or accumulated wealth can replace it. There will not be winners in the event of a global clash and we all know that. This should be understood. The world should work to prevent this,” said the Head of State.