Now In Kazakhstan, Gold Ingots Can Be Bought In Banks Of The Second Level

Kazakhstan’s Gold, Currency Reserves Decrease

In our restless time the question how to keep the savings, – concerns many. Someone keeps money in the bank on deposit, someone at home “in a jug”. Now there is one more alternative option. The National Bank has started the program for sale and repayment of gold ingots for the population – production of the Kazakhstan mint, reported.

This precious metal has a lot of advantages. For example, gold, unlike various currencies, is practically not subject to inflation influence, it has high liquidity, has no periods of storage. Besides, in Kazakhstan operations with gold aren’t assessed with a value added tax.

Investment and gift

It should be noted that gold is not only excellent instrument of investment but also a magnificent gift.

“It is very difficult to think out now what to present to grandsons, especially, when they become more senior. You gives them money – spend for any nonsense, and here the gold ingot is a good gift, a good investment in the future. It is good that now it is so easy to buy them,” Zagipa apay said.

It is easy to buy, easy to sell

We will note that gold ingots can be bought easily and also to sell easily in the banks of the second level which are participants of the program for sale and repayment of gold ingots for the population. They are presented in four versions: 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams. Ten-gram ingots are presented in an extra packing of claret color, 20-gram – in green, 50-gram – in blue and 100-gram – in the packing of gold color. Test of the Kazakhstan ingots – 999,9.

“Very interesting registration at domestic ingots. Coins of our Mint were already fallen in love to collectors around the world, I think, ingots will be not less popular,” the Kazakhstan numismatist who has wished to remain unknown said.