Expo-2017 Starts Work In Astana

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The heads of a number of states and governments are arriving at the EXPO-2017 to take part in the official opening ceremony, Kazinform correspondent reports.

It is expected that 17 heads of state and government will take part in the grand opening. Prior to the ceremony, the guests will visit Kazakhstan’s Nur Alem pavilion.

Nur Alem is the architectural symbol of the Astana EXPO-2017 and the central element of the Exhibition Complex. It is the world’s largest spherical building with the diameter of 80 meters.

Kazakhstan’s pavilion also includes the Future Astana – Kazakh capital in 2050 exposition, the Space Energy Hall, the Creative Energy Hall, as well as the model of the Kazakhstani thermonuclear reactor Tokamak and a media wall with the Head of State initiatives in the field of energy and environmental protection.
After Nur Alem high guests will also visit the other pavilions of the exhibition.

A concert program and an unforgettable laser show will be held after the official opening ceremony. The ceremony will be completed with a grandiose fireworks display.

A total of 115 countries and 22 international organizations will take part in EXPO 2017 Future Energy in Astana from June 10 to Sept. 10. Organizers expect about 20 thousand visits daily. In total, it is expected that 2 million guests will make 5 million visits to the exhibition.