Dimash’s Marriage Depends On Allah’s Blessings – Parents Of Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash’s Marriage Depends On Allah’s Blessings – Parents Of Dimash Kudaibergen

The parents of Dimash Kudaibergen, who are Kanat Kudaibergenovich and Svetlana Aitbaeva, are honored artists of culture of Kazakhstan Republic. They’ve told in interview about Dimash’s childhood and private life.

“Host: I have seen your other interviews, it appears that your 3 children (besides Dimash) have all mastered multi languages and attended many extracurricular activities, your children are all-rounded?

Mom: Yes, we have used our unique teaching methods for all 3 children; for example our daughter attends an all-day school, additionally we have sent her to attend music lessons, English lessons etc.

Host: Has she performed on stage?

Mom: We have tried to encourage her to perform on stage, but she’s a little..

Dad: Our daughter is a little timid, even though her voice quality and comprehension of music is very high, she doesn’t like to perform on stage. Every child is unique and have their own interest and talent, as parents we should respect our children’s choice, that is the right thing to do.
On the other hand, Dimash’s world is all about music.

Host: At what age did Dimash start singing?

Dad: (laughing) Dimash started at age 2, by 5 yrs old he was already performing on stage.

Mom: Dimash has always loved the stage, I remembered when his dad and I had concerts performance in the past, at the end of the performance before we thanked the audience, Dimash will run up from where he was sitting in the audience with his grandparents to the stage and be with us to bow and say thanks. He really is very passionate about the stage, even when he did not have a chance to sing, he will still look forward to going on stage to thank the audience together with us.

Host: Do both of you mind that you have lesser opportunity to give performance now?

Dad: I think our focus now is to support and nurture Dimash. That is the most important to us now.

Host: You mentioned that Dimash will go overseas?

Mom: Yes, if Allah gives blessings.

Dad: We have not given up on our singing career or gone into retirement, but our main focus now is to support Dimash. We may also perform in his solo concert.

Host: Aren’t you also an elected member?

Dad: Yes. That is my formal work.

Mom: I am also a member of the cultural development board.
(Over here, Mom describes about her job, her family background..)
I was brought up by my grandparents, I grew up listening to the stories and tales told by my grandpa, some of these famous stories are taught in school, but I already know them and can recite them from memory.

Dad: We have continued this tradition with our children.
I think the advantage for children who are being brought up by their grandparents is their parents will not want to discipline them too much for fear of any misunderstanding with the grandparents. Eventually when the children grow up, the parents may also have a sense of guilt for not taking care of them when they are young, and as a result give them a lot of personal space. Children who are brought up by their grandparents enjoy greater freedom and lesser restriction.
Dimash is his grandparents “heart meat” (direct translation, means they love him closest to their heart), so Dimash has always been very direct and free to share his opinion with us, he is particularly focused on achieving his goals and dreams.
Over here, I would like to give a suggestion to all my potential future daughters-in-law, do not avoid your grandparents, try to communicate with them.

Host: It’s timely that you brought up the topic of Daughter-in-law, let me use this opportunity to ask you about something that the media has reported: Does Dimash have a girlfriend, is this real?

Mom: Actually I’m very upset with these reporters.

Host: Why is that? The name of the girlfriend is also reported.

Mom: On this matter, perhaps the girl was his girlfriend, but he has never formally brought her home to introduce to us. This girl may even be just his good friend or classmate. The media has widely reported on this matter when it has never been verified, I think such action is undesirable. The media even reported the identity and name of the girl, this will disturb her personal life.

Dad: It is not so much an issue for a boy, but a girl is usually treasured as a gem by her family, such reporting will tarnish a girl’s reputation.

Mom: Yes exactly. If they were once dating but didn’t end up together eventually, but the media has widely reported on it, the whole world will know about this and the girl’s reputation may be tarnished. Dimash is a traditional Kazakh boy, he will not unnecessary publicise about such things, it could be they are just classmates or good friends.

Dimash's Marriage Depends On Allah's Blessings - Parents Of Dimash Kudaibergen

Host: Has Dimash mention he wanted to be married?

Dad: No he didn’t. This will depend on Allah’s blessings, this day will come but nobody can predict when.

Host: Is it solely Dimash’s decision when he wants to be married?

Mom & Dad: Dimash will discuss with us before he makes a decision, he does the same for all other matters as well.

Host: Won’t both of you convey to Dimash that you want to have a Daughter-in-law?

Mom: Of course not, to us Dimash is still a child, he is only 22.

Dad: 22 year old is not exactly very young, but Dimash has his own goals in life. Anyway everything depends on Allah’s blessings, perhaps the day will come when Dimash will fall in love with a girl and disregard everything to get married, just like how I fall in love with my wife and marry her then.

Mom: Our wish for him is to complete his studies, obtain a good result and gain more knowledge.

Dad: I must definitely say this- I wish Dimash will meet a girl that is knowledgeable and well-mannered.

Host: There are so many girls in China who love Dimash with all their heart, their happiness or sorrow all depends on Dimash. They have expressed their deepest admiration and support for Dimash.

Dad: I believe that every nation in the world can get along cordially, but there are also times when there’s conflicts. I feel that Dimash should choose a girl from Kazakhstan that he likes to marry, this will be more suitable.”


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  • Edith Casique

    Dimash, your talent is huge, is exceptional. I really love your voice… Much love from Mexico.

  • Cati Aliyeva

    Dimash, you are a magnificent young boy! Your life, your decisions. Best wishes, from a Kazakh girl in America.

  • Helen Bamforth

    His marriage depends on who he falls in love with, she may be Chinese, or French or English. His parents are very old fashioned with outdated views, as long as the woman he falls in love with has respect for his religion, his family and his background it doesn’t matter if she comes from the moon. I am a 57 year old English lady and I would marry him tomorrow but of course I am way too old but if I were young and beautiful and he fell in love with me I would do everything for him and his family

  • Béatrice Gauthier

    To Dimash’s parents, you both sing beautifully too, you know we have to let the children decide on their lives, especially in love, my son was with us, until the day he met a Chinese, they lived here in Montreal, but they decided to go live with the parents of his wife in China, i left for love, and I think it is necessary that Dimash sees the world before , and it may not be your choice, but will let him live his loves, we mothers are too possessive, I made a mistake with my daughter-in-law, especially do not tell him that she stole your son (beautiful girl) People evolve, and if he chooses a non-Muslim, welcome it anyway, Au I wanted to ask you the lyrics of the song, that, he sings with you Thank you

  • Mary Schulenburg

    Hi Dimash, I wish I could see you in concert in Los, Angeles, today is November 25, 2017. I think you are a wonderful voice, I am in L.A. and study film and theater at University. I graduated University and now making short films. I am thinking that a short film about your music career is a good idea with you singing and also talking about your quest to be a singer and performer. Let me know it would be in 8-9 languages mainly English and your language I think. I am American born but Russian Mongolian decent.

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