Kazakhstan: Metal Exports Up In Q1 2017

Polymetal Can Consolidate The Nezhdaninskoye Gold Field

In January-March the volume of foreign trade in Kazakhstan amounted to $16.8 billion, up by 24.2% YoY.

Exports increased by 30%, to $10.8 billion, and imports – by 15.1%, to $6 billion.

Copper ore exports to China and Russia increased almost 3-fold (from $67 million to $182 million); coal – 2.4-fold, to $146 million to Russia, Ukraine and Finland; iron ore – 1.6-fold, to $134 million to Russia and China; zinc ore – 2-fold, to $53 million to Russia, Uzbekistan and China.

Ferroalloys exports grew by 49%, to $486.4 million to China, Japan, Russia, Korea and USA; rolled metal – 1.8-fold, to $344 million to Russia and Uzbekistan; zinc – by 72%, to $194 million to China, Turkey and Vietnam; copper – by 17%, to $533 million to China, UAE and UK; aluminum – by 31%, to $99 million to Greece, Italy and Turkey; iron rods – almost doubled, to $17 million ton Russia, Tajikistan and Belarus.