International Pop Stars To Take Part In Bastau Dimash Kudaibergen’s Solo Concert

Dimash Kudaibergen To Perform New Songs At Astana Concert

Dimash Kudaibergen will give a solo concert within the framework of the International specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana.

“Dimash Kudaibergen’s solo concert will be held at the Astana Arena on June 27. I’m saying ‘solo concert’, but in reality it will be a huge show,” Minister of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan Minister Mukhamediuly revealed. According to him, there are plans to invite the singers whose songs Dimash sang previously to the show. Given that Dimash Kudaibergen is an internationally renowned singer now, many pop stars expressed their wish to join him at the concert, writes.

Arystanbek Mukhamediuly refused to say how much Dimash Kudaibergen will get for his solo concert Bastau scheduled to be held during the upcoming Specialized international exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazinform reports.

“I cannot tell you how much Dimash Kudaibergen will get for the concert. It will be wrong to reveal the exact sum. It’s his personal business,” Minister Mukhamediuly said at a press conference at the Central Communications Service on Wednesday.

In his words, this is the first time Kazakhstan hosts such big show of local pop star: “Dimash’s solo concert will be held at the 30,000-seat stadium. This is the first solo show of such level.”

Minister Mukhamediuly also announced that some Kazakhstani and international TV companies agreed to broadcast the concert.

“He [Dimash] has a contract with China’s Hunan TV Channel as well as local TV companies. Some of them already aired TV adds of the concert,” Mukhamediuly said, adding that the names of guest stars who will perform with Dimash at the show will be revealed later.

International Pop Stars Keen To Take Part In Bastau Dimash Kudaibergen's Solo Concert

Dimash Kudaibergen welcomes his fans in different languages:

#Bastau – менің жеке ән кешімнің атауы! EXPO-2017 xалықаралық көрмесі аясында ұйымдастырылатын Мәдениет және спорт министрлігінің қолдауымен 27 маусым 20:00-де “Астана аренада” өтетін Live Show Сіздерге арналады! Бастауымның куәсі болуға шақырамын!
Билеттер: +7 777 733 53 53

我将于6月27日晚八点在阿斯塔纳体育馆举行个人演唱会“Bastau”. 这场演出是我为了各位精心准备的。在此诚邀大家来和我一起共同见证梦想的起航。
购票地址: +7 777 733 53 53

Welcome to my solo concert #Bastau which will be held on 27 June, 20:00 in “Astana Arena”. The Live Show is held as a part of the exhibition EXPO – 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it is totally dedicated for You! I invite you to witness my beginning !
Tickets: +7 777 733 53 53

Приглашаю вас на мой сольный концерт под названием #Bastau! 27 июня, в 20:00 в рамкаx культурной программы международной выставки EXPO-2017 при поддержке Министерства Культуры и Спорта на “Астана Арена” пройдет мой Live Show! Приглашаю Вас быть свидетелем моего #начало
Билеты: +7 777 733 53 53


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  • Frances

    I just watched your concert on YouTube! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing your self and your beautiful voice with the world. I hope to see you in person someday, though chances are remote as I live in Florida USA. I especially loved seeing you with your parents on stage! I admire your show of honor to your family and culture. Best of luck to you Dimash. Shine on!

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