Dimash Kudaibergen Was A Disobedient In Childhood

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Kazakhstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen tells a story from his childhood:

“I remember once when I was still a child I, with my friends, would play tricks on my neighbors to rang the doorbells and then run away.

Once when I was playing with my friends, we rang the doorbell and ran away. I ran as fast as I could in order not to be caught. We knew that it was not a very right thing. But were still children only for the purpose of fun.
There was a time when we rang the doorbell of a residence; there was suddenly a Russian guy looking horrible.
The other children ran away almost in a second.

When I was going to flee, the Russian guy yelled at me,”Stop!”

Not knowing why, I really did as he said. It may be because when an adult called you, your first response was to stay still.

He asked me strictly, “Do you think is it correct to do so?”

I replied, “I am so sorry, sir. We are just little kids. We only did it for fun. We are just little kids. And I already know I did it wrong. I am begging your pardon. And I promise I will never do it again.” I explained seriously.

Then he told me, “It is very impolite!”

I could still remember his severe expression. I did not dare to do such a thing again.

When I came back, my friends asked me what he said.

I cheated them on purpose. I said, “I told him all of yours addresses. And he will visit your home and tell your parents what you did.”

They were so scared that they rushed home in a hurry.

Actually, in retrospect, I was so naughty in the childhood.”

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